George’s Heart Cath

Just before the forecast big freeze I picked the last of the green peppers. These bushes had just about played out and had been producing since last May so it was time. I didn’t cover them so they could be a gauge of just how cold it got and provide a comparison between covered and uncovered plants. They made it unscathed so I know the temps never got much below 40. For our location, the normal first freeze date is Dec 15 so I’m hoping we get another month. I look at Global warming vs polar vortex as good vs evil. I’m guessing that the snowbird invasion this year will be earlier and stronger than usual – good for the local economy, bad for traffic. I imagine those poor folks in Buffalo are sure thankful for global warming. Just imagine how much snow they would have had without it.

Fingers crossed for my neighbor George. His heart started acting up again, the diagnosis being a problem with the leads on his pacemaker not interfacing properly with scar tissue on his heart. They’re going to cath him today in case the problem is a blockage but they don’t expect to find anything. Apparently the process of removing and reseating a lead is particularly dangerous for him so he may have to face the choice of either slowing way down or taking on the operation. I can’t visualize him slowing down. He’s way too spontaneous so no matter how hard he tries, I can’t see him going passive.

Update – Good news, it was indeed a 90% blockage in a critical artery and they successfully installed a stent. He went in for the procedure at noon and I was talking to him on the phone by 5PM. He sounded just fine and will be home tomorrow or the next day. Amazing. Also in the heart department, I have an annual checkup with a cardiologist, not at my doing, which took place the day George came home. The net of the visit was that my heart is fine, my arteries are fine, my lungs are fine and the doctor proclaimed me in better shape than he was.

Another update – (that’s what happens when you start inputting one day and then add things as they happen in real time) It didn’t freeze last night so I dodged a bullet two nights in a row. It got down to 40 again but apparently there was just enough breeze to keep frost from forming. I removed the covers and as best I can tell, nothing was damaged at all. I went ahead and loaded a row with cauliflower plants that were started a month or so back. Slowly but surely all the rows are filling up. I’m pretty sure that by Thanksgiving it will be “full” and stay that way until we get a real freeze and the tomato plants are killed. There’s one empty row left and I have 15 cabbage plants in a flat that’ll move to that row next week. I put in a small patch of Tyfon and another of Tatsoi, part of my experimental green experiment. I have a couple of friends that will take anything green so I’ll get some outside opinions to go along with our own. I planted the seeds directly in the garden so it’ll take a week or so before I know if that worked or if they have to be started indoors. I also bulk planted celery seed indoors. That really grows slowly and will be a replacement for one row of tomatoes when those crash next month.

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