Deep Freeze? Not Quite

The problem with having kids and grandkids in Chicago is that you get no sympathy at all when you tell them it’s cold here. Our outdoor thermometer must be broken because it says 50 and I’m positive it’s closer to zero than 50. I should have driven to Key West last night to ride out the global/ARCTIC/Polar vortex attack. As it is, we’re right on the cusp of a freeze, a couple of degrees one way or the other. We’ll be breaking 80 year records. It’s a big job to cover the garden especially when it’s windy so I’m dithering whether to bother or not. The big loss will be the tomatoes which are also the most difficult to cover in the wind and if it rains at all, a definite possibility, it can break the plants down. But the wind is actually a plus in terms of hampering frost formation and since it’s coming out of the northwest, right across the lake, that small fetch can pick up enough heat from the lake to keep us from freezing. The water temp now is in the mid-upper 60’s. So right now, I’m leaning towards minimal covering to protect tender seedlings and letting the tomatoes tough it out. It should be back in the 70’s in two days so maybe that will be the total extent of our winter.

Covered anyway

So after all the analysis that said it didn’t make sense to cover the tomatoes, I did anyway. I’ll sleep better and they’ll sleep better knowing I tried. Update – the TV reported temps in our area at 38 at 6AM, so no freeze. I have two thermometers and checked them at 42. The lake warming effect brought us up a few degrees as predicted. By mid Feb lake temps are in the mid 50’s so we still get some protection but not as much. The forecast is for the temps to drop again tonight but not as low as we experienced last night so we should be out of the woods for this winter blast. Glad I’m not in Buffalo. Glad I have Utah clothes even if they are a bit large on me.

Glad the Dem’s decided to kill the XL again – the cool aide crowd doesn’t understand how people feel about that. My guess is that after the first of the year several Dem’s will convert – that’s what happened the last time they were routed but in any event, after the first there will be a solid majority to push XL through and let the pres do his thing.

Picking radishes, lettuce, and green peppers. I think next week I’ll be able to clip a few Kale leaves to pop into the bullet. What I’m going to do differently this year is to plant a few lettuce seeds into the spot vacated by a picked head. If everything were perfectly synchronized, which it isn’t, by the time I finish the row of the current variety, Summer Crisp, the replacements, variety TBD but probably be a butterleaf, will be coming ready so we have a continuous salad stream.

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