Bye Muschamp

Woke up this morning to the news that Will Muschamp was fired. I knew he was history Saturday when he snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory over South Carolina. With seconds remaining Fla was leading and had the ball. Even though with a minute or so remaining they had missed a simple, chip shot field goal to cement the lead, they still would surely win. Then a blocked punt giving Carolina a few seconds to throw the game into overtime. I was sick and so was the Athletic Director. I’m sure every Florida’s fan first choice is not available – Bob Stoops of Oklahoma. I’d probably make a run at Utah’s coach, I think his name is Willingham or something like that. It worked before with Urban Meyer and he’s certainly brought that team into the big time with some impressive wins over West Coast teams this season. Whoever they choose, please, no Defensive coach from anywhere.

I forgot how long it takes Swiss chard seed to germinate. A few weeks back, after soaking overnight, I planted some older seed I had. Nothing happened so a couple weeks later, I planted newer seed in the same patch. Nothing happened so I put in the last of the seed. You guessed it – the original planting started germinating almost a month after being planted and the others have followed along so I might be having special sales on Chard this season. We’ve got some really cold weather heading this way next week so it may thin itself naturally.

Somebody asked me if I grew Arugula. I don’t believe I’ve ever tasted Arugula, at least not on purpose. I guess it’s mixed with lettuce for a salad to give it a little “bite” (if you like a bite to your salad). I happened to be in an ACE hardware the other day buying onion sets and I spotted a pack of arugula seeds and decided to put them in an otherwise dead area in the garden. We’ll see. If nothing else I can give them to the person who told me about them in the first place. I also just ordered a few “experimental” veggies – items that sound interesting but for which I have zero background. I figure that with the Nutribullet anything green works so I’m going to try an Escarole/Endive mix, something called Tatsoi and another called Tyfon, aka Holland greens. I was tempted by one called Gigante Di Inverno but decided to hold off on that until next season. I only have the one Nutribullet. These probably would work lightly sauteed in olive oil and served over pasta. That seems to work for anything, especially if you use plenty of red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. You can also toss in a can of chopped clams or an anchovy and people seem to like it – if you don’t mention the anchovy. Ditto capers.
Update – Arugula germinates overnight. Wow, is that fast-especially since I planted it directly into the garden with no soaking or special seed starting soil.

It’s the 17th of November and I have to worry about freezing temps tonight. That’s crazy. We should have at least a month before experiencing anything like forecast. I’m hoping the lake is warm enough to give me a boost of a few degrees over the surrounding terrain. The tomatoes are the most likely to get hammered but no doubt the tiny seedlings I’ve been nursing are at risk as well. Normally that would not be an issue because I have plenty of lightweight covers but this is a storm event with strong winds and heavy rain as well as low temps so covering is problematic. I doubt Nancy would give any consideration at all to throwing her body over the most delicate plants.

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