Fall Plantings

How can a chief of staff for both Biden and Gore be qualified to do anything?

Full into cool weather planting this week. Added sugar snap peas, green peas, beets, Swiss chard, radishes and kohlrabi to the mix. The carrot seed germinated on schedule and is looking good plus all of the thinned lettuce plants seem to have survived and added new foliage. Our night time cools of 60 and day time highs of 85 and 60%RH must be just hitting the sweet spot. It does for me too. The tomatoes that were suffering from wet roots appear to be recovering and putting out blossoms. Unfortunately the corn didn’t make it. I pulled it out yesterday and converted it to compost. What ears that did form are out in the field to feed crows. I did have a twinge of concern that it might also attract the deer and I sure hope the crows and mice get to it first. You might wonder why I’d be concerned about feeding mice – mice are hawk and owl feed so that’s my real objective.

The latest compost pile should yield a really strange combination. I loaded it up with water hyacinths, tropical fern cuttings, loads of grass clippings, citrus, corn stalks, garden weeds and the standard, every day fare of table scraps, coffee grounds and whatever comes out of the kitchen. There were some large storms passed offshore in the last weeks so I’m anticipating a good load of seaweed coming back with us from the beach. This particular batch is scheduled for use in February so it still has a couple weeks of new inputs before I shut it down to cook. My October batch slowed way down with all the rain in September so it’s now figured for mid November. There’s not much precision in composting but I like to have a rough idea so I can plan plantings in the garden with applications of compost.

As anxious as I was for football season to start, that’s how anxious I am for it to be over. I can’t wait to find out who the new coach will be at Florida and whether or not Muschamp will leave before the current season is over. And I’m getting weary waiting for the Jags to finally win a game.

We were invited to attend Tom’s first presentation on the road to his PHd dissertation. I’m perhaps biased but thought he did a good job explaining his project in easily understood language. I’ve personally given many presentations so I’m particularly critical. It has to do with training surgeons who will use robotic techniques by using video games. The premise is that someone who is skilled in certain kinds of games will be competent to operate using the robotic equipment.

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