Election Fatigue

I’ve mostly figured out the new blog software and officially prefer the old level. They’ve added a complete step between creating and publishing and, so far, I don’t see any advantage to that. It’s less intuitive and there’s no obvious path to get to the “publish” button. Chances are they’ve added features that will be meaningful to advanced users but for the seniors………………. I’m going to try to add a picture to this post so if you see it, success; if not……….. The picture is the latest creation from the Halloween costume mill.
Ariel ready for action

I can’t wait for the upcoming elections to be over and done with. I don’t know about races outside of Florida but we seem to be faced with nothing but bad guys – every ad points out how crooked the other guy is. Half of them are portrayed as woman haters; all of them hate schools and teachers; some of them have no recollection of who this Obama guy is. We’ve got a candidate for Gov who should appeal to everyone – he’s been a Dem, an independent, and a Republican and on both sides of every issue depending on which hat he’s wearing at the time. He’s both pro choice and pro life. He’s increased school spending and decreased school spending; increased tuition and decreased tuition. How can you not vote for this guy? I’ll figure a way. And aside from the dawn to dusk TV ads, the phone rings several times a day with messages from one or the other.

From time to time we have line problems with our landline telephones causing hissing, buzzing, and static. I think living in a tropical jungle has something to do with it. The telephone company usually responds in a day or so and fixes the problem although a couple of times we went several days before they fixed it. It happened again today so I called the repair service and got a new option. They’re coming out to fix the line but they suggested we might like a “home wireless system”. I asked if that was code for a cell phone and said we weren’t interested. Well it is and it isn’t. The way it works is that you get a box that talks to the cell towers but has two regular telephone jacks to which you connect regular phones – even a cordless set(s). You keep your same phone number and it includes all the voice mail, call forwarding, caller ID etc etc etc features. Best of all it’s $20/month for unlimited service – local and long distance. That compares to the $80/month we pay now. Seems like there has to be a hook somewhere – sounds too good to be true. I signed up and have two months to send it back if we’re not satisfied. In the meantime they’re sending out a service guy to fix the existing line. I can see where the telephone company would like to get everybody off landline for maintenance reasons and from our perspective, this is a good way to do it.

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