WSJ Pays Off

Engineers and programmers can never leave things alone – they are internally compelled to continually modify designs that are perfectly fine. The folks who make this blog software decided that I needed to upgrade to a new version. I was really quite happy with the old version and years of experience have taught me that upgrading is synonymous with adding a new level of complexity and confusion. This upgrade is no exception. I haven’t broken the code on how to install a picture so it may be that I publish text only until I can schedule a meeting with the family IT department. If you are reading this it does mean that I figured out how to get something published. Even that’s not intuitively obvious. The older version presented you with a place to draft text and a button that said “publish”. You filled in the text then pushed the publish button. There was another button that said “add media” or something that plain. There are no buttons labeled “publish” or “add media” so, assuming I can at least get text in the box via the keyboard, I’ll just click around until it goes away or comes up and says it’s published.

Ask my kids and grandkids and they’ll tell you I can be a real pain in the butt with articles send them from the Wall Street Journal. If I see something that I think they will find interesting or something they should know I cut it out an put it in the mail. I’ve done it for years and they just put up with it. Several months back I found an article about a new treatment/cure for hepatitis C, a nominally terminal liver virus. Nancy has a quilt buddy in Utah who has fought the disease for years and goes through really debilitating spells so the article caught my eye and I suggested to Nancy that she should send her the article or at least alert her to it. Yesterday she called and told Nancy that she had indeed followed up on the information and learned that it was available albeit ultra expensive; prohibitively expensive, but that the insurance company had worked out a way that was affordable. She started the new meds and the call was to tell us that her virus count was zero, totally gone. Previously the count was in the hundreds of thousands or something. She questioned the accuracy of the test but they told her that the test had been run 3 times and they were absolutely certain that it was gone. Nancy described her call as ecstatic. So I have proof positive that my quirk actually paid off for somebody.

After a few dry days, another inch of rain last night. I was ok with a little rain but would have preferred about half that amount. It has cooled off and I’m catching a few specs and an occasional bass off the dock which might be a good sign for the coming spec season. Normally we catch none, zero, nada perch until late November but this year has been different with scattered catches basically all summer long. I know the trolling will be better with the deeper water – fewer hangups on the bottom.

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