Special Compost

A hit of winter in October. It actually broke records Sunday morning – 52 in Daytona and about that here. I hope this isn’t a precursor of the season to come. But wait, two days later it’s perfect – mid 80’s during the day, mid 60’s at night, dry and sunny. I vote for this weather to continue until Christmas followed by two days of winter and then a nice spring. I need the two days of winter to kill off the most aggressive bugs.

One of the “lost” posts discussed my bride’s bridge happening at the Palm Coast bridge club. Nancy occasionally plays in Palm Coast and has a semi regular partner there. Her partner was recently diagnosed with some kind of cancer and scheduled her first chemo/radiation treatment for Friday morning. She assured Nancy that she would still be available to play that afternoon. So I took her over, dropped her off at the club, and went surf fishing at a nearby beach. I picked her up at 4:30 and wasn’t too surprised when she said her partner never showed up. There are usually strays who drop in for a pickup game so she hooked up with another loner who she said was a nice guy and a pretty good player. Nancy is categorized as a “C” class player which signifies the number of master points she has accumulated. The new guy was an “A” – more points on the ledger. When we got home Nancy went on line to see the results of the day and learned that she came in first in “C”, meaning her scores for the day were higher than any other “C” player. She also came in first in “B” and first in “A” and first “overall”. It just so happens that this particular game was for the club championship and she is now the club champ. I’m guessing she won’t have much trouble finding people who want to team up with her in the future.

In a recent post I mentioned the carpenter ant attack in Nancy’s shed. The worst hit closet held all of my old suits. For whatever reason I never got rid of them and also have never worn most of them. They came out of the ant attack just fine which really surprised me but I decided that I should at least try them on and give away the ones that didn’t fit. These were all custom made suits I picked up in Hong Kong which means they were acquired between 1984 and ’89. Big surprise – they all fit. Perhaps a little loosely but certainly wearable. So size wise, I’m just a bit smaller than I was 30 years ago.

Got a nice addition to the compost pile from my neighbor. George has several fish ponds where he grows Koi and fishing minnows. A while back he picked up a few water hyacinths at the St Johns river and put them in his ponds. Hyacinths are floating plants with beautiful rich green foliage and purple flowers. They are maybe 2’ tall on average and have root structures that dangle in the water about the same height. Although beautiful, because they grow and multiply so rapidly, they can become a real problem in waterways. I’ve seen the St. Johns totally blocked from side to side for hundreds and hundreds of yards. Lots of horror stories. One of the features of these plants is that they are incredible filters of nutrients in the water so in a nutrient rich environment, they grow at incredible rates and really clean the water. So within a month or so of George putting them in his ponds, he thinned them out and loaded up the compost pile. They decompose quickly so I think this batch is going to be particularly rich in goodies that the veggies will love.

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