Ho hum Hurricane Season

On most Friday’s, Nancy plays bridge in Palm Coast with a semi-regular partner, Joanne. Joanne was recently diagnosed with some kind of cancer and is undergoing a combination of radiation and chemo – as it happens, on Friday mornings. This past Friday was the first day of her treatments and the arrangement was that she would still play bridge that afternoon unless Nancy heard from her to the contrary by 11:30AM. She didn’t so we headed over and I dropped her off at the game about 12:30 and then went surf fishing. Joanne never showed up but Nancy picked up another player for the day. When I came back at 4:30 she said they had a good game and that was that. They post the results on line a few hours after the game and Nancy learned that she came in first in “A” and first overall. The icing on the cake was that this day happened to be the club championship game and she ended up winning the championship. The “A” signifies the level of the player in terms of master points. Nancy is a “C” so it’s surprising (not to me) when she ends up ahead of the life masters and other “A” players, of which there are plenty in this club. Congrat’s Nance (champ).

We went to a reunion of folks who worked for General Dynamics in the 60’s and 70’s. We missed the last reunion two years ago when I was having some debilitating medical procedures so it’s been 5 years since seeing most of the folks. Some guys showed up who I haven’t seen in 40 years. I really enjoyed seeing and mingling with all of them. Of course they’ve all gotten old and I’m guessing probably 50% of the folks have passed on to the happy hunting ground.

The wild life is getting closer and closer. I see deer tracks almost every day now in the garden. So far they’ve eaten very little but I suspect when the corn ripens, that will change. My guess is the reason they are coming is to scout out the corn status. I haven’t seen any bears but my neighbor, Andrew, reports almost nightly visits. The other night he opened his door and found himself about 10’ from two. When we come home after dark now, we park at the house instead of the carport to eliminate a 100’ walk in the jungle. Of course I’d take the chance but my bride has no interest in an up close and personal meeting.

As the hurricane seasons comes to a close, The message that should come across loud and clear is that the climatologists don’t have a clue what’s coming in the future. In April the prediction was for a more active than normal season in terms of number of storms, intensity of storms and where those storms would generally hit. They reduced the numbers in July but still missed by a mile. I’m ok with that since I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with the forecast even if it was accurate but it bothers me that people will take as gospel the predictions these same folks make about global warming. The rhetoric has changed somewhat to “climate change” and I guess we can say with 100% certainty that the climate will change over time and from time to time. With that same level of certainty we can say the temps will rise and they will fall – just not when, for how long, or with what intensity. Anyway, not even a close call on a hurricane anywhere; not on the east coast, not in the Gulf of Mexico – nada. Not even a big storm. I also have to note that this is two years in a row which may be setting some kind of record for inactivity. I guess the hook between warmer ocean temps and storm activity is tenuous at best or maybe the ocean is getting cooler.

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