Bad Week for Critters

I mentioned seeing a few baby cucumbers on the vines. What an understatement that turns out to be. There are now dozens of 2” size cucumbers, a couple double that size and one pickable right now. For those who counts such things, that’s 49 days since planting the seeds, 10 days ahead of the supplier’s estimate. Plus the vines are loaded with blossoms. I can see where we’re covered right thru to the first freeze with plenty for shrimp lady and ground beef lady. So between cucumbers, corn, and green beans I don’t think we’re in danger of starving for the next 3 months.

I keep trying to get early starts on the winter stuff but it seems to last one or two nights in the garden before something gets them. I plant lots of spare seed so I keep trying until they finally make it. If I was short on seed, I’d wait another month. The weather guys keep saying it’s going to get cooler sooner than usual and I want to be prepared for global cooling.

Got into another battle with some unknown critter. A couple of days ago I went out to Nancy’s shed to get something out of the freezer and noticed that something had dug out a major hole to get under the shed. I got the wheel barrow and filled it with what had been dug out and then plugged the hole and pushed it way back under the shed. The next morning it looked exactly the same as before – a den/cave opening. This was way too big for either mice or rats but could be an armadillo, raccoon, or possum. War. I got a solid concrete block about 2’x1’x1’ that weighed close to 40 pounds, plugged the hole, and spread the dirt in front of the shed. I have no doubts they’ll find another place to attack but if it’s not in sight, I can live with it. Oops, spoke too soon, he dug around the block. I have a long position on 30 pound concrete cylinders so I’m going to win this one (probably). I could also run the hose up under there and let it run for an hour or so. Kind of a reverse Noah approach.

The dig around is only the tip of the iceberg today. Nancy found that there was a truly gigantic nest of carpenter ants in one of her shed closets. Carpenter ants are fairly large and this was a very impressive swarm of ants and eggs. I got all the bug spray I could find plus the shop vac and went to work. A lot of Utah winter clothes are history and it’ll take a few days to really uncover the full extent of the damage. Luckily these are not as aggressive as fire ants and I was only bitten a couple of times although at one point I think there were dozens crawling on my legs and arms. Then the grill ran out of gas halfway through cooking a chicken- at least I think it was halfway through.

Really, really getting tired of all this Ray Rice, domestic violence thing. Nobody’s asking the real question – what did she say before he popped her? It looked to me like she was coming at him in the elevator and this may have been a case of self defense. Only kidding ladies.

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