Natural Bridge

We had a major rain the other day – 2” in about 30 minutes. Lighting, hail, and big wind accompanied the rain so it was a serious storm. When it was over I went to the garden or should I say the pond. Not sure what long term impact that will have but the bottom 1/4 of George’s property, down by the lake, is now looking like a pond itself. Maybe I should be growing rice instead of corn. But that isn’t the real disaster. For years there’s been a large pine tree down by the lake tilting over. No more – it crashed and created a natural bridge over the path. It took several trees and large branches with it so I’ve got a real mess on my hands. If it was just that, I could live with it but when I went up to get the paper and mail I found that the bear had broken into my shed, pulled out the garbage can and dumped it on the driveway. Cleaned that up and continued up the driveway only to find my way blocked by a large, 4” diameter, branch which had come down in the storm. That size is quite manageable with my wimpy chain saw.

Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge
Big Pine Bridge
Big Pine Bridge

Remember those Muck Boots Nancy got me a few months back, the real heavy ones that were killing my legs. Well those have turned out to be perfect under these wet conditions. No wet sneakers to contend with.

This week Nancy moved her bridge operation from Palm Coast to Tomoka on Tuesday and to Flagler on Friday so I moved my tagalong surf fishing operation to Ormond Beach and Flagler Beach respectively. I found a quiet stretch about 5 miles north of Ormond by the Sea and caught 3 fish – none worth much but kept me amused anyway. At Flagler I fished just south of Gamble Rogers State Park, a stretch I’ve fished several times before with reasonable results. This time nothing but plenty of sun. It was fun but the tides were wrong or something. One thing I saw was a guy flying one of those 4 prop camera drones. That’s the first one I’ve seen up close and personal – very neat.

And the winner is…………………..The Coosa River Science Center in Alabama. Simon was offered and accepted the job a day after making application so he’s set for the next 8 or so months. I think he starts in about 2 weeks. He would have preferred the Minnesota job but we like him being closer to home and not so brutally cold. He applied very late for that opportunity so maybe next year he’ll start the process a little earlier. We’ve been kicking around a fall trip to the Carolina’s so Alabama would only be a few hundred miles out of the way…………

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