More Garden Status

The Edwards’, Megan, Brandon, and Allie, spent the weekend with us and it was really fun. It was Allie’s first swim in a lake and she was not the least bit shy hopping in and wasn’t too happy about getting out. It was also Brandon’s first visit to the lake but I’m betting it won’t be the last. He’s into swimming and kayaking and we’re long on both so I’m guessing their next visit will extend for a few days. They didn’t realize how close to the beach we are, about 30 minutes, so the next trip has to include some beach time.

On Sunday afternoon I planted the other seeds for the fall crop – the tomatoes etc. I plant these in special seed starting soil in small styrofoam cups and usually keep them indoors in an air conditioned environment until they’ve germinated and put on enough leaves for transplant to individual containers and eventually outside. I have a grow light so they have adequate light for growth. I decided to do it a little differently this year and keep these seeds outside on the back porch-a warmer, more humid environment than usual. I checked on them first thing Tuesday morning and much of the lettuce, 2 varieties, and the broccoli had germinated. That’s way faster than I’ve typically experienced. Don’t know if that’s good or bad long term. The tomatoes made their first appearance on Wednesday. The interesting thing about that is I planted 6 different varieties at the same time, 2 different cherries, 2 different plums, and 2 different rounds and all germinated within hours of each other.

I mentioned how fast the corn seed germinated. I checked on the other seeds planted directly in the garden and found that both cucumbers and zucchini had popped out a day after the corn. The next day the green beans and cantaloupe made their appearance so it’s all good. No doubt the soil is warmer in August than in March when I usually plant directly into the garden and that must be accelerating the germination beyond what I had expected.

Another possibility for Simon, the COOSA River Science School at the Alabama 4-H center near Columbiana, just south of Birmingham. All of these places look good to me and I suspect the bass fishing at this one will be excellent. /

Something should break in the next week or two since all of them will be up and running for the Fall season toward the end of this month.

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