Fall Garden Kick-off

The fall garden has officially started, a month earlier than I had planned or ever done before. That’s a result of the Volusia County Extension Service publishing an article in the local paper detailing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing in the garden now. So yesterday I planted pole beans, cucumbers, cantaloupe, zucchini and corn directly in the garden and broke out the seeds for starting in the house. The surprise was the county said I should be planting collard and broccoli seed now along with the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. I would normally hold off until October to start the green stuff. I’m also going to try to start a couple varieties of lettuce that supposedly can handle the heat. I tried it last May and they certainly weren’t up to it then but this time I’ll try starting the seeds inside and moving them out to the garden early next month. Maybe after the stock market crashed last week, we’ll need the earlier crop to survive.

I had preplanned where all of these things would eventually go in the garden but this early start put me on the horns of a dilemma regarding the corn. Since you have to plant a good size section of corn to get proper pollination, there are only two places in the garden that can handle it. I try to rotate crops but the area I had planned to plant is closest to the lake and a bit dampish. Damp could easily become swamp if we continue with the wet summer and I’m not sure how corn does with wet roots. I’m going to take the chance since I have left over seed from the spring so not much to lose. I’ve never been successful with fall corn anyway. Already something different – some of the corn seed started germinating in 3 days. I planted it on Aug 1 and there were some shoots popping up on the 4th.

Grandkid news – Little tommy pitched an original video product to his management at the Trib and they gave it/him the go ahead – and the funding. Olivia has had a part time job for a couple of years as a sales person for young ladies fashion ware. She has planned to keep the job while going to UCF and got a promotion to assistant manager – quite a bit more responsibility. No news yet on where Simon will set up shop next month but we all have our fingers crossed for Eagle Bluff – his first choice. So exciting for us to see them making such progress and being so happy. Great futures. Tom and Tina must be doing something right.

Brandon, Megan and Alli spend Saturday and part of Sunday at the lake – super enjoyable. Allie couldn’t get enough of the lake and wore us all out taking turns swimming with her. She was a little spooked when a baby bream would take a little nip but mostly she was just fine. We’re hoping that next time they come it’ll be for a little longer and we can add a day at the beach to the social calendar.

I cracked up when I heard that Facebook had crashed and that people were having meltdowns. Sort of like holding off their Oxy.

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