Crisis Averted

A/C crisis over. It turned out to be exactly what I thought – a bad starting capacitor on the compressor motor. My next door neighbor’s grandson is in the A/C business and came over last night after work and put in a new capacitor and also changed out the main contactors which were still working but looking fairly close to the edge. $100 cash. I’m not sure I could have handled another night with the three women in an overheated condition.

Simon has another iron in the fire for his next job. There’s an environmental training place in south eastern Minnesota called Eagle Bluff, just south of Rochester. I checked it out on the internet and other than being unbelievably cold, it looks like his kind of place – similar to Tremont in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park where he’s interned/worked for two seasons. This would be a full 12 month opportunity and, looking at the existing staff, he’d fit right in. One specialty there is raptor study – eagles, hawks and the like so that would be interesting. The other possibility is a similar position in central Georgia at a place called Charlie Elliot State something or other. You can find that on the internet also. He has inside connections at both places and would fit into either but the MN opportunity seems to be the bigger place.

Update to that: He actually has three irons in the fire. He came up yesterday to spend the evening with us and we learned that he has an application into an environmental place on an island in the Chesapeake Bay. His expectation is that he should hear from all of them within the next couple of weeks, the MN opportunity being the most imminent and the one he’s leaning towards the most. So I can see us visiting Chris and Little Tommy in Chicago and then swinging over to Minnesota (or Virginia or Georgia).

All of a sudden the news is full of stories about people leaving babies and little kids locked in cars. My take on that is it’s a consequence of modern technology and practices. Car seats for one. If you have a kid sitting in the seat next to you it’s hard to forget. Not true if the kid is asleep in a car seat in the back and probably, behind the driver. Out of sight, …………. It’s also more than a little possible that the driver is either talking on the cell phone, texting, listening to music from an ipod or phone which is tied into the car’s speaker system or into ear phones. Or dialing up an app to check something. Even though they’re sitting in the car, they are mentally somewhere else.

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