A/C Crisis

Chris’s house hunting trip to Chicago was a quick success. He ended up in a community a little west of downtown called Oak Park. It’s fairly close to public transportation, little Tommy, Trader Joe’s and Costco so what else could a guy want. The apartment is a 2 bedroom, one bath just remodeled place overtop a retail store – a typical city setup similar to the place we lived in Philadelphia when I was a kidling. It includes a garage which is a major bonus there and it’s half the cost of his Jersey City dwelling. The plan is to sell most of his furniture and just move selected pieces in a small U-Haul and bank his relocation moving allowance. Great plan. He’s got a one week training stint in Houston, a one week corporate meeting in Las Vegas and then opening in Chicago by the end of August. Nancy and Joanne already have plans to visit in early October, before the snow flies. Chris really sounds happy with everything so it’s going to work just fine.

I’ve mentioned that we’re getting more than typical rainfall. According to the weather folks, we’re already at levels last seen in 1944 and we’ve got a week left in the month. I’m ready for it to stop and let us dry out for a few weeks.

The new grill is really getting a workout. Without a doubt the old one had deteriorated some time back but did so gradually and it wasn’t noticeable – until the new one came on line. It’s cooking much hotter and the product is back to being picture book material. Good thing too – this has been the busiest guest month ever. The Brosan’s, Barbara and Renee came for a few days, Joey and Mark came Saturday, Olivia on Sunday, and the Edwards’, Megan, Brandon, and Alli arrive at the end of the week. The weather has been cooperating, giving us plenty of lake time. What hasn’t cooperated is the air conditioner – it crashed. What makes it particularly bad is that one of our guests is in a constant state of hot flashes. I suggested she just hang out down at the lake and take a plunge when it gets to hot. She’s gotten in the water a couple of times but is uncomfortable sharing space with turtles and fish. She just knows there are gators lurking and that we are just not telling her. Last night we ate at a place on the St. Johns and a large, large gator swam up very close to the restaurant which, she said, proves her point that there could be large gators in our lake. I suggested that 7 miles was a long way for a gator to travel overland but don’t think she accepted that.

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