Hurricane a big nothing, here

The local weather newsies are going crazy over a small storm off the east coast of Florida. It’s been a few days since we’ve had any rain at all here at the lake so I’m hoping it gets closer to us than now predicted. I also noticed on my last beach trip that the seaweed is quickly disappearing so a good, offshore storm could help replenish my stocks. Although as I’m typing this post, we’re experiencing some serious squalls and I’m seeing some dead trees and branches breaking off and some not so dead trees uprooting. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day with the chain saw.

It’s official – Chris is transferring to Chicago as a District Manager Trainer, effective next week. He’ll be doing a house hunting trip the week of the 14th and then commuting from NY to Chicago for a month or so. The plan is to be on site, living and working there by Sept 1. So now we’ll have little Tommy and Chris there to visit. From my perspective he has an attraction to bad places but he just prefers big cities with bad weather to regular places with nice weather. Go figure.

Just about finished with the tomatoes for the season. Nancy produced the final batch of sauce this morning so we end up with roughly 10 x 2 quart bags of sauce in the freezer to carry us over to the next season. There are also a few smaller, pizza size bags so we should be in good shape.

My interest in soccer dropped to zero after Simon retired from the game – age 5. I have soccer right up there with the winter Olympics and the Daytona 500.

Surprise, a recent poll finds Obama as the worst president since WW2. I think I mentioned that about a year into his first term. The poll is a little suspect since it didn’t show Jimmy Carter as a close runner up.

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