Leaf Blower Dies

I wouldn’t exactly call our flock of turkeys residents but they show up often enough now to say we are definitely on their morning walking route. Each time is an event worth noting because turkeys are such skittish birds and it’s fun to watch them pecking around in the pine straw. Yesterday when walking up the driveway to get the trash can, the paper, and yesterday’s mail, a small deer stepped out of the jungle between our house and George’s, no more than 50’ from me. It got my attention at first because I saw a flash of light brown moving in the trees and I suspected a very large dog encounter was imminent. Instead it was a young buck with small, velvet covered prongs and we just stopped and stared at each other for maybe 15 seconds before he calmly stepped back in the jungle. I’ve seen deer on the property before but this was the closest physical encounter.

My morning walk up the driveway has another vital function – clearing away branches that have fallen overnight. Not every morning but for sure a few times a week, I have to remove a branch that is either blocking the driveway or would lodge in the undercarriage of the car. I hate that because then I have to climb underneath the car and extract it – not fun on wet gravel. On more rare occasions, I actually have to get the chain saw out to clear the driveway.

All the joys of living in the great outdoors!

Simon is part of a band formed by the staff at Tremont and they had their first official gig this past weekend. They named the group “Girl Scout Rock” after a large rock out in the creek by the camp. The band has a couple of guitars, a cello played like a bass, a sax, drums, washboard and who knows what else – something that sounds like a fife. They play campfire kind of music and, according to Simon, they brought the house down Saturday night at a local bistro. We’ve seen them in action via an online post. I’d say Environmental Science is a good career for the group.

Nancy’s leaf blower died, finally. I hate that noisy thing so was not sad to hear the news. The bad part came when I explained that our annual yard equipment budget was dry so it would be at least 6 months before it could be replaced. Should I be surprised if one shows up on her next trip to town?

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