Conserving Seaweed

The last time I went surf fishing in Palm Coast I noticed there was a substantial load of seaweed on the beach which I vowed to gather on the next trip to add to the compost pile. I did that a few years back and the garden seemed to like it just fine. Today was the day and I went back to the beach at MarineLand where I’d had a reasonable day fishing a couple weeks ago. As it turned out the fishing was great, the catching not so great but still loads of fun. I filled a 50 gallon trash bag with seaweed and will repeat that on the next few trips. By the end of the summer the garden should be a foot thick in seaweed mulch. We have this whole Palm Coast trip down pat now including using the timer function on the oven so that we have a meal almost ready to eat when we get home.

The other thing that works in Palm Coast is the Flagler County Library is only 5 minutes from the bridge game. It looked like rain a couple trips back so I took the laptop and took advantage of the wi-fi at the library. I also discovered an untapped treasure trove of used books for sale; $1 for hardbacks, $.5 for paperbacks so on the next rainy day I’ll load up on books for my personal library.

Here’s a factoid you should tuck away just in case………… A 50 gallon plastic trash bag full of seaweed yields about 30 SF of mulch. Since I have roughly 1000 SF of plantable garden space, all I need is 35 bags of seaweed to do the whole job. When you look at it that way it sounds like lots of work but if you frame it as 35 surf fishing trips, sounds like lots of fun.

In general, the garden is mostly playing out. Picking just enough kale and collards to make a green drink every day, that would be one leaf of each. Plenty of cherry tomatoes but the other varieties are just about pooped out. And finally the green beans are showing signs of giving it up. I think there are two cuc’s still out there but they’re not looking all that good and we picked the last melon yesterday. We only got two melons so it was hardly worth it. I picked the first one too early and it was tasteless. The second one was pretty good but took up way too much space for one, small melon. The green peppers are producing steadily and we should start getting jalapenos next month.

As I cut stuff out, the compost pile is growing substantially. One of the piles will be spread in late August, before I start the fall planting; the other will be ready in November, before the winter planting. The fall planting looks like the spring planting – tomatoes, cuc’s, and green beans. I’m going to plant some corn too but only to use up seed and grow compost. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get some corn.

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