Another Palm Coast Exploration Trip

Nancy had another bridge gig in Palm Coast so I decided to go back to Matanzas inlet where I had such great luck with giant ladyfish last week. This trip should be better in many ways – I bought a bag of silver glitter tails whereas on trip #1 I only had one and when it was ripped off, the fishing was done. I prepared a mini tackle box which would be very light but still loaded with the essentials. Last time it was me and one lure a mile from the car so I needed to be better equipped but not overloaded on a long beach walk. I had to dress right so I broke out my new, Costco lightweight cargo shorts and my new Costco ventilated large brim sun hat. I almost screwed up when I broke out a white Guy Harvey T-shirt only to notice that the fish on the back was a bass, not a salt water fish. That would have been awkward but luckily I have one with tuna or mackerel or some similar salty water fish. You have to be very careful not to look like a Yankee who just pulled over to wet a line. To top it all off, I whipped up one of my new formula green drinks, put it in the cup with a flip top and into an iced cooler. I’ll drink that before I start fishing and when I’m sure no one will observe me doing something healthy. Inlet kind of fishing guys don’t drink green blends.

Trip Report – I did quite a bit of exploring to find new beaches for surf fishing. Success. There are several great looking beaches in Palm Coast. My favorite was at the end of Jungle Hut Road which is, at the most, 5 minutes from Nancy’s bridge club. The tide was wrong so I continued on to Matanzas Inlet where I did well a couple weeks back. That’s the place where I have to walk a half mile each way, in sand, to get from the car park to the bridge so by the time I get done, I’m worn to a frazzle. This time the fishing wasn’t nearly as good and all I managed to catch was a small flounder. Still, lot’s of fun and I was the only guy I saw catch anything. On the way back to the bridge club I stopped again at the prospective surf fishing beaches to see them at full low tide. Good thing because I learned that just off shore are rocky reefs, some exposed at low tide. I talked to a guy to get info on the scope of the reef and he said it changed from day to day based on sand cover.

Broke out the freezer bags to start putting away green beans for the Thanksgiving green bean casserole and such. We are in total overload mode and that includes giving away pounds and pounds. I’m fairly certain that this particular crop will be putting out like this until the end of June and then the question becomes, do we want to plant another batch in September.

The good news about the VA fiasco is that it shows exactly where single payer systems (aka socialized medicine, aka Obamacare, aka Hillarycare )go in terms of providing timely, efficient healthcare. If you want to learn about the long waits consistent with Socialized systems, talk to Canadiens or Brits. Although the number of recipients in the past 10 years has dropped, spending has tripled and delays have increased. How typical.

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