Melon and Corn Ready?

Drum roll. I picked the first corn and the first melon. The melon is the first ever from this garden. The thing with melons is that it’s hard to judge whether they’re ripe just looking at them. This one didn’t really look ripe to me but the calculations said it was ready May 18 so this is a couple weeks beyond that. The catalog said the melons would be 1-2 pounds and this guy weighed in at 1.2 so that fit the profile. But the real proof is in the eating. I was most happy to see that no critters had drilled it and set up a life inside. Taste wise, the best I can give it is OK. The color and texture was fine but it wasn’t nearly as sweet as I expected. Maybe it would have been better after another week on the vine. I’ll let the next one go until it falls off the vine but as of this time, I’m labeling this as a waste of garden space. I have seeds for another variety planned for the fall so this spring crop gives me some encouragement to go ahead with that planting.

I picked 3 ears of corn because they are on the small size and I couldn’t tell if they were fully filled out. I shucked them and think they’re still a few days away. The calculation says June 15 and I think that’s about right. The variety is Kandy Kane and I didn’t know whether it was yellow, white, or bicolor since I bought the seed at the local hardware store and the proprietor didn’t have a clue. There were 3 varieties available and I picked the one which had clearly been the best seller since I figured the local farmers would know what was best for the area. We gave them the Holland Grill treatment and, unquestionably, this is the best tasting corn ever.

corn and melon
corn and melon

Totally recovered on the drink front. I used kale and parsley for the greens. A quarter of an apple, a quarter of a lemon, some frozen peaches and blueberries, and a couple of dates made up the fruit. A few tablespoons of oats rounded it off. I used water instead of almond milk. The result was actually tasty. Not sure what screwed up that nasty drink but I had included several new elements – thyme, green beans, cherry tomatoes and green pepper were first time tries and the avacado made it too thick and goopy for me. I decided to repeat this new, tasty formula the next day except added back in the green bean and used collard greens instead of kale. Same result, great flavor. To calibrate you, when I say I added back a green bean, my green beans are about 2” across and 10” long so this is a serious addition and brings major protein into the mix. Before this week is over, I’ll be adding a chunk of cucumber to the blend.

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