Rabbit Mystery Solved

Is it ok to wear camo cargo plants to the doctor’s office? Nancy’s doctor office? I wouldn’t normally do that but one of the stops on this trip is to a small, specialty fishing tackle store and it’s important that the proprietor recognize right away that he’s dealing with a serious local sportsman and doesn’t try to sell me some obviously bogus. The owner of this shop is a really old guy who happens to live and fish on the Tomoka River so talking to him is important but you have to drop some key phrases in the discussion – like tarpon up by the island. I’m going back to the Matanzas River in a few days and need a couple key items that are available only in a serious shop.

My neighbor just brought over another addition to the garden. He raises Koi and one of his monsters passed on last night. This beauty was all white with just a few red spots and weighed at least 5 pounds. When I select it’s final resting place I try to match personalities – what kind of fish goes with what veggie plant so I put this guy between a basel plant and a tomato bush and not too far from some broad leaf rosemary. Does that sound right?

I finally made a green drink that was totally awful, even with my limited sense of taste. The green part included Swiss Chard, parsley and thyme; the other veggies included a small green pepper, three cherry tomatoes, three pole beans and a carrot; the fruit was blueberries and half an ovacado (is that a fruit?); a couple tablespoons of oats for fiber. I read that parsley is good for sinus problems so it may be that by helping my sinuses, I’ve improved my sense of taste and made this creation totally undrinkable.

Garden disaster pending? For two days in a row I went over to the garden in the morning to water it and flushed a rabbit out from under some plants. Yesterday there were two and today one. I looked carefully around the fence and could find no breaches and I really doubt they jumped over it. No doubt they could but they just don’t seem like they would do that. I open the gates and chase them around with the hose but they are lightning fast and the plants are really dense throughout the garden so they can hide from me easily. I’m going to go leave all the gates wide open and go over every couple of hours and hose down the spots I’ve seen them in hopes they’ll go out the gateways and see the foolishness of trying to live in peace and harmony with me. I hope we can work something out so I don’t have to resort to the pellet gun.

Mystery solved. I found another rabbit in the garden and chased him around with the hose but this time I saw him get out. This is hard to believe, but they go right through the wire mesh on the fence. The mesh, called hog mesh, is 2” x 4” but I saw a full size rabbit wiggle his way through. Not over the fence, under the fence or through a break in the fence but right through the mesh. You almost have to see it to believe it. I had him trapped in a corner and was within 10’ of him so I had a very clear view of the escape. The solution will be to cover the mesh with nylon nursery cloth. There’s plenty of that around so it’s mostly a matter of direct labor. There’s almost nothing in the garden that’s young and tender and I haven’t seen any signs of nibbling on plants but for sure, I have to get this taken care of before September when I start with new seedlings.

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