Green Juice

As soon as we got back from the beach I tried out the Nutribullet. Although the book that comes with it is loaded with recipes, I immediately struck out on my own. It looks like basically you fill the container halfway with greens and the other half with veggies, fruit, berries, nuts and grains in more or less whatever mix turns you on or is available. The first one I made used Tuscan kale and Swiss Chard as the green half and cut up mixed melon chunks, grapes, and pineapple. I filled it with water and cranked it up for about 10 seconds. Looks nasty and, according to my bride, tasted like it looked. I drank it and with my diminished sense of taste, had no trouble with it at all – not good, not bad. Nancy thought the watermelon flavor overwhelmed it so I made another to her specs. Same greens but added a banana, an avacado, some melon chunks but no watermelon; some blueberries and a spoonful of shelled sunflower seeds. Then we used almond milk in place of water. It tasted pretty much the same to me but was much, much thicker – like a thick milk shake. Nancy wasn’t wild about that either and suggested replacing the greens with chocolate ice cream.

On day two, I mixed up another one for lunch. Nancy passed and opted for a fried ham sandwich. In the new one I switched to collard greens and swiss chard for the green half; a carrot cut in chunks, stalk of celery, also cut in chunks; some blueberries, half a banana, and wet it down with almond milk. I could definitely, but faintly, taste the carrot but otherwise it tasted the same. The good news for me is that I can basically mix anything and it’s drinkable and fills me. Day 3 was a breakthrough when I actually prepared one that (I thought) tasted good – maybe “good” is a stretch but certainly not objectionable. This one used broccoli raab leaves, romaine leaves and about half a leaf of curly leaf kale. To that I added a carrot, half a banana, a dozen or so blueberries and a handful of some fruit, nut and fiber muesli (in place of sunflower seed). I topped it off with a spoon full of honey. I was going to add a stalk of celery but ran out of room. I’m told that adding chunks of lemon and/or apple is a good thing to do so those are on the shopping list. I’m also thinking ahead of what this will mean to the jillions of cherry tomatoes already shaping up on the vines. Ditto cucumber.

So far my skin hasn’t turned green. That’s a good thing. I’m guess a photo of my innards would show a completely green inside. My next blood test is in July so I’ll get a good color check then.

Temps now consistently at 90 for the daytime high so I’m moving into full summer mode. That means no long pants, sleeveless shirts, no socks, all outdoor work done by 11AM and a cool off dip or two in the lake.

I haven’t mentioned my smart shave juice in quite a while. I quit keeping track of it about 9 months ago when I hit the halfway point. I’ll probably finish up the tube by the end of this month so it lasted 1 1/2 years and I estimate 175 shaves. I think I have 3-5 tubes in reserve so it’s possible my stash will outlast me.

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