The Graduation

The boys formed up here Sunday morning to help me deal with the downed trees before we headed up to the graduation. Within a couple of hours, it had all been reduced to burning embers. The largest tree to fall was at lakeside right on the property line between our place and George’s. It’s now a potential nesting area for fishies. Removing it really changes the look of the waterfront, opening it up quite a bit.

We got out of Barberville by 1:30 for lunch at Pearl’s Barbecue in Micanopy. Tina, Olivia, Julia and Simon met up with us there for a total of 9. I was afraid we’d overload the place but it was handled perfectly. Tom ordered family style with platters of ribs, chicken, beef brisket and plenty of sides. It seemed unanimous that the food was exceptional although Simon held out for the sauces at his favorite in Gainesville, Adams Rib. I guess he’s just a bit too young to appreciate how fine Pearl’s really is. The graduation was at the basketball arena, that would be the SEC championship Gator O-Dome, for those not up on sports trivia. We did the obligatory family pictures with Si in his cap and gown. One thing different in the regalia are the decorations on the miter board/hat. It’s become an art form. I think my favorite were a couple of dentistry students sporting large caste teeth balanced on their head. Another good one was a Botany major with a flat of flowers on his. We spent a half hour or so working on Simon’s at Pearl’s. He concocted an outdoor scene with a camping site in a grassy field in the mountains. Another thing different since my last graduation event (I missed Tommy’s in Missouri) was that the event is streamed on the internet so Tommy in Chicago and Chris in New Jersey were able to watch the entire proceedings on their computers while comfortable at home. Since the cameras are positioned right on stage, I‘m sure they actually had a better view than we did. Our game plan was to leave the dome as soon as Simon Walked and we had our fingers crossed that event would happen early on. Wrong – he was among the very last to get his diploma so we didn’t get out until 9 PM and home until 11 so it would have been after midnight for the boys. Olivia had an 8AM AP test appointment Monday morning so we were hoping she’d get home in time to get plenty of rest. If she did, it had to be via sleep in the car on the last leg of the journey.
We attend her graduation from Lake Mary High later this month and then have a year or so break until the next semi-scheduled event – Tom’s UCF graduation with his PHd.

I noticed that the pole beans have blossoms. I went back to the garden journal and saw that I planted them 6 weeks ago and they’re supposedly putting out beans in 3 weeks. That seems so quick but I never cease to marvel at how quickly things happen in the garden.

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