Fishing, not so good

Doesn’t it make perfect sense that if two people are going away together for the same amount of time and to the same place that they should have equal space in terms of luggage, gear, eating material, reading material etc etc etc? Fishing gear = sewing gear; clothes = clothes; adult beverages = other beverages. If the two suit cases are not of equal size, shouldn’t you flip a coin or do rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the larger one? I think all this is covered in the Constitution – which it appears does not apply in Pierson.

At the beach – Tommy came up to the lake on Saturday and helped us make the move to the beach. Joey came up shortly after we arrived so we had a nice afternoon that was topped off with 2 bluefish. I took that as an omen that the fishing was going to be great but as of Monday evening, those two fish comprise the total catch. We topped Saturday off with an awesome burger at the Turtle Shack then hit the pier, my favorite breakfast spot, Monday AM. Clearly I’m a beach person. I must revert to my teen age years mentally because everything on the beach is better – better food, better music, better happy hours etc etc. One thing different this year is that we are here later in the season and the weekend crowds show it. The weather was awesome and the crowds responded. By Monday all was well and the crowds dissipated as hoped for.

I got my birthday present from Tom a month or so early. He got me a Ninja bullet juicer so that I can start taking advantage of the garden greens right away. I had fairly well convinced myself that I was going to buy one soon so this is a much welcome gift. A fair number of the people who we provide with garden goodies use juicers and swear by them. Nancy has not been too high on the idea because she thinks I don’t eat enough now and this is going to exacerbate that concern. The concern I have is along the same lines but more has to do with my wardrobe. I sized up to XL back in the mid 80’s, the Utah period, and stayed there until nearly 2010. I dropped back to L after all the prostate procedures and my closet has gradually transitioned from XL to L. I don’t ever recall being an M but not sure I’m mentally prepared for an L to M conversion which I can see happening if I start drinking Kale smoothies.

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