My Night to Cook

Joey decided to plunge into gardening and is close to picking his first crops. The advantage to me is that between us we can try different varieties and compare results and techniques. For example he’s taking a course of pruning his tomato plants whereas I let mine grow with as little interference as possible. I’ve thought about pruning in the past but this will give us a great opportunity to compare results. I also just took the plunge and ordered half a dozen new varieties of lettuce said to be extremely heat tolerant. We’re going to split the cost of the seeds which makes a wide experiment worth while.

One thing that keeps knocking on my door is the need for a juicer. Now that both Joey and Tommy have them and swear by them, I guess I have to take the plunge. The recommendation is for one of the small, 8 ounce varieties that chew up everything and spit out smoothies. They cost between $75 and $100 based on which coupons you find so not much of an investment compared to the $500 Vitagreen I had looked at before. Apparently these cheaper ones have another really large advantage – it chews up everything so there is no residual fiber to clean up. I’m given to believe the cleanup issue is not one to breeze past. I certainly have all the raw material, basically year round. I think I’ll wait until after the beach trip to make the purchase.

It was my night to cook so I decided to move to the wild side and make broccoli raab pasta. It’s a really easy recipe and the raab is looking great in the garden so I had no doubts I’d be able to pull it off. The whole process takes 10 minutes and that even includes picking the raab. It ends up being a really colorful meal since the raab cookd out bright green. It cooks down in volume but I started with a pound or so, to go with a pound of pasta (per the recipe) and that seemed like the right amount. My taste buds have long since been fried so to me, it had very little taste. Certainly not bitter as I had feared. Nancy loved it and confirmed that the flavor was very mild. Joey picked his today as well today but he planned to convert it into a smoothie using his new blender. For sure I’m going to plant more next fall but will do a much better job of spacing out the plantings over the whole winter season.

Next week is the bi-annual beach week at Flagler. We’re staying at the same place we’ve used for years. The long range weather forecast looks favorable and I’ve been reading that the surf is full of fish although I noticed there was not a single mention of bluefish. I was kind of afraid of that when we booked the place a couple of weeks later than in past years. We plan it around Easter which was much later than usual this year. Nancy has bridge partners lined up for two days (so far). So the next posting will be from the beach, maybe with some nice fish pic’s.

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