Easter Event

Had something interesting/surprising happen on Thursday. On Monday afternoon a friend of George’s was fishing off his dock and came to my back door holding a fair size mudfish. He didn’t know what it was and also whether or not it was edible. I told him I’d never heard of anyone eating them but if he wanted to unload the carcass, I’d give it a decent burial and memorial service in the garden. I dug a nice hole between two squash plants, said a few words, and planted him. On Wednesday, I think I mentioned, I covered the squash plants for insect protection then on Thursday when I did my morning garden scan, I noticed that the cover was pulled down in the center. On closer inspection it was ripped and I found the fish wrapped in a flap. So it was alive when I buried it, hung out for 2 days, and then gave a final flop out of the hole.

I rarely take issue with the Wall Street Journal but something in this weekend’s addition tweaked me. Turns out cargo pants are a new fashion statement with folks like Ralph Lauren etc getting in the business. That screws up the real people who never, ever, ever want to be making a fashion statement. Cargo pants are something you buy at Dollar General for $10 not at Neiman Marcus for $250. To make it even worse there was a 2 column discussion, pro’s and con’s of whether you should actually put something in the pockets. One school said that you should put something in the pocket to show the utilitarian nature of the garment whereas the other side said they should be perfectly smooth to retain the lines of the pants. Why the hell would you ever be wearing cargo pants if you had no intention of using the pockets? If I’m fishing, I carry fishing tools or bait or maybe even a fish in the pocket; if I’m gardening, I have garden tools or seeds or weeds in the pockets. The fact that they even have such a discussion says they have no business in that business. WSJ – but out. There wasn’t any mention of camo cargos so maybe I get a pass on that particular style if I’m ever challenged at the feed store.

We had a great Easter with the Yearta’s, Lindsay, Charles and Grace, staying with us for a couple of days. Nancy made Grace a new princess dress so between that, the garden, and the dock she was a busy little bee. The only pick and eat in the garden was broccoli which you wouldn’t think would be very appetizing for a 4 year old – but you’d be wrong. We picked the last of the parsnips I had been holding back on and planted the last row of corn. It’s possible the Yearta’s will be back in July and that last row of corn, Grace’s corn, should be loaded at that time. On Sunday the crowd increased to include Tom’s family, Joey and Mark, and the Ragusa’s. The weather wasn’t cooperating, too cold, so we ended up eating in the house but other than that, couldn’t have gone better. Great food, great company. Simon stayed over with us Sunday night and we took him back to Gainesville Monday morning. Nancy’s friend Wilma is still in rehab in Gainesville so we got to visit her again and hit Trader Joe’s for emergency supplies. It also gave us another shot at Pearl’s Country Store and Barbecue in Micanopy.

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