Chicken Wing Corsage

Well I finally got the tetragonia planted in the garden. Never heard of it? Neither had I but it popped up in one of my most reliable seed catalogs touting it as the summer salad green. Supposedly it’s just like spinach except it does just fine in the heat. I’m thinking of tetrogonia pasta, tetrogonia pizza topping, tetrogonia omelets – endless possibilities. I only planted a few seeds, saving most for a fall planting simply because I don’t believe it will live up to it’s heat tolerating billing but I’m giving it special attention by planting it between the pole beans and corn, as an edge row along the pole beans. The corn should block much of the morning sun, the pole beans the afternoon.

We have a big Easter party planned with special guests from South Carolina, our great niece and great great niece are visiting. Grace had lots of fun last year helping me in the garden and I’ve been holding off several jobs so she can help. I have carrots, parsnips, lettuce, celery and numerous greens that are overdue for picking and an almost empty row waiting to be the last row of corn to be planted. I think I have enough to hold her interest for a few hours.

The last of the zucchini plants has germinated and we’ve moved onto phase 2. I planted 2 each of 2 different varieties, each plant time staggered by 2 weeks. Interestingly as the last one planted popped out, I spotted a baby squash on the first one planted. My computer says I should be picking squash in a week so it’s right on schedule. Phase 2 is to cover the plants with a very light weight insect cover. Done. Just so happens I have an 8’ x 20’ cover cloth that weighs just 1/4 oz per square yard so it will block insects but not sunlight. The broccoli raab is also right on schedule. It’s supposed to be a 35 day crop and my calculation puts that at April 18 and sure enough, I’ll be able to start picking then. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it all but it’s coming whether I like it or not.

If you’ve been reading or viewing about the bears in Lake Mary and know that Tom’s family lives in Lake Mary, rest easy – they live a couple miles from the bear zone. Bears would have to navigate quite a heavy traffic pattern to get to their house; not impossible, but not likely either. I like that the wildlife officials are now killing them off at a great rate and saying they had no idea there was a big bad bear problem there. Wonder why they thought bears had long ago been killed off? ditto wolves, alligators and tyrannosaurus Rex.

I just watched the funniest commercial I’ve seen in a long time; Belly laugh kind of funny; Cleo material kind of funny. It’s a KFC commercial and I honestly can’t tell if it’s a serious product commercial or a catch your attention spoof. It’s for a chicken wing corsage for proms. The actors are teenagers and the guy shows up at his date’s house with a small box. He opens it and pulls out a corsage featuring a chicken wing as the center piece. She looks at him and you can just read in her facial expression that she doesn’t exactly know what to say. She doesn’t want to make the guy feel bad but not sure if she should wear it or what. They take a quick shot of the parents who are equally nonplussed. Then forward to the dance where she’s wearing the wrist corsage and gives the appearance that she’s closing in on the guy to give him a good night kiss but instead, takes a big bite of the corsage. Can you really buy a chicken wing corsage at KFC? What an incredible marketing idea.

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