Big Bass Fiesta

Got a notice from the mortgage company saying we no longer need flood insurance. I thought global warming meant higher water levels. The interesting thing about it is that our original mortgage, 10 years ago, first required flood insurance then about 5 years into it they notified us that we no longer needed it based on new flood plain maps. The research I had done along with an article in the local newspaper indicated that we were the only people in Pierson with flood insurance so we cancelled it. When we refinance da few years ago with a different bank, back came the requirement for flood insurance. We fought it showing them the documentation from Chase but to no avail. Now, out of the blue, comes the letter saying we are now in an area not designated for flooding. It would seem like flood plain maps would be fairly stable but somewhere out there is a gov’t agency reclassifying flood zones. Wouldn’t it seem that with all the concerns about rising sea levels, they would come to a conclusion that I’m in imminent danger of flooding along with the rest of Florida?

I had a really big day on the dock yesterday. My normal routine is to get all my gardening done in the morning, have lunch and then retire to the dock to read the paper and/or the novel du jour. I catch a small bream, hook it to my line for bait, cast it straight out then sit down and start the read. I’ll be out there a couple hours and usually have some action – maybe a bass attacks the bait, maybe a turtle but it’s certainly not intense action. I think in the past month, I’ve had half a dozen on and landed two or three. Yesterday I made the first cast then turned around to the chair when I heard a loud splash. I looked out and the splash was at my float and down it went. I gave it about 10 seconds then set the hook into a five pounder. Landed. I caught another small bream, hooked it up, and made the cast. Within a minute I was onto another large bass and landed the second five pounder. Another bait, another cast but this time a two hour wait before the third five pounder was on the dock. Over the years I’ve caught plenty of bass in this fashion but never three that size in such a short stretch. Guess where I’ll be today. All three are back swimming in the lake with instructions to come back when they’re ten pounds. The ironic thing is that I use all the proper stealth tactics, timing, super lures, excellent tackle and fish the most inviting areas of the lake and never have a series of catches like this – using the same approach I used when I first learned to fish for bass in 1952. Come to think of it, I caught some really big bass then too. As an update – two days more of fishing the dock has yielded only one large mudfish so apparently the feeding frenzy was short lived.

This morning I got something Nancy needed out of the freezer in the shed. All seemed well. She had another request 8 hours later and it wasn’t so well. Mostly, but not completely thawed. She somehow managed to cull through the porch freezer and the freezer in the fridge and get most everything back in control while I tried surgery on the dead one. I tried a power reset but that didn’t work. I then did a turn off using the temperature control which has an “off” position. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and then turned it back on. The compressor started right up. I didn’t spot any filters or anything that looked like it needed servicing so I’m suspicious that my fix is not permanent and this kind of freezer is not one where a service call is more than the cost of a replacement. I am encouraged that the next day the compressor did shut off on it’s own when it reached the appropriate temperature and even more encouraged that it started again on it’s on a few hours later. If it stays working another day, we’ll reload it with low dollar value stuff.

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