Lot’s of new fish in the garden

Tom came up on his way to Gainesville and we managed to get a morning fishing trip and a late afternoon trip on the lake. Between us we got a few small ones plus two that fit between 4 and 6 pounds. Not a bad day. One thing for sure, the days of me being the only person fishing the lake seem gone if this past week is any indication. Aside from George’s renter, Harvey, who hits it pretty regularly, I now have competition from a couple of teenagers who live on the lake and spend their afternoons, after school, bass fishing. I’ve known these kids since they were quite young and they’ve grown into real fishermen. I’m adjusting by shifting from evening fishing to morning fishing. It could be that as soon as the bass bedding season is over, in another few weeks, they’ll quit. Or maybe they’ll get girlfriends.

Nancy joined Tom on the trip to Gainesville. Tom went up to meet with Simon’s doctors and Nancy went up to visit Wilma, her long time bridge partner. Wilma was in a bad auto accident last Thursday and was life flighted from Palatka to Gainesville where she underwent an operation to repair her broken ankle and a few other bumps and bruises. She seems to be recovering nicely but she is 80+ so no doubt has a long recovery ahead of her. Her daughters live in Atlanta and have more or less told Nancy that she’s now in charge and tell all the hospital folks to just get in touch with Nancy as needed.

Had another interesting experience when a friend of the neighbor living in May’s place put a small boat in the lake and took his grandson out fishing. When they came in, I wandered over to see how they’d done and the little guy, about 9, said he hadn’t caught anything at all and was really bummed. I invited them over to the dock with a promise that he’d catch something there. I set him up with the bluegill pole and a piece of bread and then just turned him loose. They stayed for a few hours and little Isaac must have caught 50 fish, 15 of which he deemed big enough to keep and which his grandfather agreed to clean. I had lots in common with the old guy and we enjoyed just yakking for a couple of hours. Isaac asked if he could ever come back and I said sure, as long as you’re well behaved.

And I got another 15 carcasses to bury in the garden. If those fish really provide a natural fertilizer, this season will turn out a banner crop.

In this particular case, I buried them between the rows I planted in corn a week or so back. They’ve all germinated so I put in the second row, another 60 or so plants. I want to put two weeks between the successive plantings and will end up with 3 rows. I also put in the second row of pole beans so there really isn’t much empty space left and none at all for which there’s not something on standby to be transplanted.

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