The Lake is Full

Nancy is back from her spring baseball jaunt with Tom and had a great time. Looking over the stuff that came back home with her, I think this was a shopping trip couched as a sports tour. Think Outlet Malls.

I’m officially calling the lake full. The reason is what I’m observing relative to the amount of rain we’re getting and the lake’s response. It rains 2” and the lake responds quickly by rising 2” then after a few dry days, it drops back to the level before the rain. The lake has been lower for the past few years and with every rain, the lake would rise but now it starts falling a few days after a rise. That tells me that it’s draining. There’s another lake a few hundred yards to the north of us, Caine lake, and a low, swampy area in between. That must be the channel or overflow path and also the highway for the occasional gator which makes it’s way into our lake.

I got a reset when we stopped in Publix yesterday. I wandered over to the produce section to see what looked good and was shocked to see the price of kale. Three medium size leaves of curly kale were $1.69. I currently have six of that variety in the garden and I would guess each plant has 20 leaves. Kale is one of those plants that just keeps producing new leaves as you pick the older ones, in Florida that’s from November well into April. Considering that a seed probably costs a penny, what a great return on investment. I haven’t seen the dark, Tuscany Kale but would expect that to be even more expensive.

Garden Status – Just popping out of the garden – green beans, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, melons and basel. In each case it looks like good germination so the next season’s crops are starting to take shape. All the tomato plants installed so far are thriving; ditto the green peppers. Seedlings on standby – egg plant, more tomatoes, and more green peppers. Nothing yet on the corn seed but I expect to start seeing it by the middle of next week. Being Harvested – peas, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, carrots, and the cauliflower-broccoli hybrid. Check the picture. Also being picked regularly on an as needed basis – parsley, oregano, thyme, and rosemary. Soon to be harvested – parsnips and chioggi beets.


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