We had a surprise 2.5” rain event Monday. That was great for all the new transplants but I am starting to wonder about being in an overwatered situation too soon.

Fred and Martha spent a few days and we had a really good time. We spent a day in Brevard County with Joey and Mark checking out the status of the boat and the new square foot vegetable garden in process. The boat is moving right along and amazes me every time I see it. The picture shows Nancy standing at the stern of the boat looking forward. You can see clearly that it’s a catamaran, 2 hulls, and get some feel for the size. Maybe a boat ride in 2018. The garden is up and running and should be producing fresh veggies by May. It should be fun coordinating his garden and mine with new varieties. He has a slightly milder environment but they should track fairly closely. Aside from the usual fishing and quilting, we found 2 new restaurants loaded with character and pretty good food. Bonefish Willies and Castaways aka Halls. Willies is on the shore of the Indian River, south of Eau Gallie; Castaways is on the St. Johns, across the river from the Blackwater Inn. Castaways has a large eating area on a pontoon boat which rocks when people get on and off and lists if the weight distribution is not balanced so eating there is an interesting experience.

Back of the boat
Back of the boat

I mentioned being surprised by the germination rate of my 2008 Broccoli Raab seed. I’ve been equally surprised by how quickly it started producing new leaves after germination so I went to the seed catalog to see exactly what I had planted. Turns out from germination to maturity takes 35 days. That is lightening fast – in the same game as radishes. So, assuming this crop behaves, we could be eating it by the middle of April. The other thing I noticed is that it’s really rugged. I did a lousy job of placing the seed so it’s clustered in some spots and void in others, requiring me to thin it. When I thin plants I always replant the ones I pull out with a low expectation that these transplants will do very well. The little seedlings by and large are too delicate to handle with my thumb laden hands. Radishes are very forgiving and so, apparently, is broccoli raab. Where I started with 2 short rows, I now have 3 fairly long rows and more seedlings are popping up every day needing thinning. And when researching the broccoli raab in the catalog, I took a look at new varieties of cauliflower and lettuce that promise much better heat tolerance and quick time to maturity. If these varieties live up to their billing, that would mean extending the lettuce season a few weeks on both ends – ditto the broccoli and cauliflower. Don’t get yourself too excited – I’ve seen these so called heat tolerant varieties crater in the Florida sun before. In fact, trying one now – a 56 day, heat tolerant carrot variety. We’ll see.

Way to go Gators.

Suppose you were the President of Poland and John Kerry came to visit and assured you that the US had your back, would that make you sleep easier? Maybe you would feel more secure if Obama came and said Poland was where he was drawing the red line or a line in the sand. It sure did the job with Assad. Obama said he was pushing the reset button with Russia but didn’t mention that he was resetting it back to 1960?

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