Trip to the ER

Had an interesting evening. My routine is to head down to the lake around 6PM, after dinner, hop in the poke boat and fish for an hour or until dark. So I paddle to an area that will take about an hour to fish and bring me back to the dock just at dark. So last night I started fishing about 1/2 mile up the shoreline and heading back toward the dock. After half a dozen or so casts, bam, a major bass latched onto my Devil’s Horse. I brought him up to the kayak, perhaps too soon, and grabbed him in the traditional way, thumb and pointer finger latched to his lower jaw. That grip normally stops the thrashing about but not this time and within a second I had a treble hook buried in the palm of my hand where the thumb and palm connect so both the fish and I were connected. I tried to yank the hook out of my hand but that wasn’t working and my head started spinning so I decided to get the fish off first – not very easy with only one hand and a floppy, well hooked fish. Somehow I accomplished that but recognized that getting the hook out of my hand was probably something needing professional attention. Ever try paddling a kayak with a lure attached to your hand and still attached to the rod. It was slow going but I made it and somehow managed to get out of the kayak without dumping, not easy in that unbalanced situation. We headed off to the emergency room 20 minutes away. Three hours later I was detached and heading home, none the worse for wear. It really didn’t hurt much but I was the star of the emergency room and getting lots of sympathy from other, really sick folk. The good news is that the bigger bass are starting to hit on the top.

Last week I was rummaging through seeds and came across a pack of Broccoli Raab seeds that I had totally forgotten about. It was dated 2008 so I was set to pitch it but decided to go ahead and plant it just as an experiment. It’s way past the right season to plant it but so what, seed that old won’t germinate anyway. It did. If we have a cool spring it’s possible we’ll actually get to eat some since it’s a fast growing crop.

Decided to put in a few cucumber seeds, a few melon seeds, and some green beans. My brain is warning me that it’s still too early but I’m throwing caution to the wind and going for it. I really would like to stop gardening this year between mid July and Mid Sept and getting an early start and having a nice spring is key to all that happening.

Not sure why, but I’ve never seen the lake so clear. I can clearly see the bottom at the end of the dock, 6’ deep. I was feeding the fish and able to see much more going on but was surprised by one particular sighting. A medium size bass grabbed a good sized bream and was trying to swallow it, head first as usual. About half the bream was still hanging out of his mouth and I could see that the stem of a lily pad had wrapped around the bream. The bass managed to swallow the bream and some of the stem as well so as he was swimming around, the stem was hanging out his mouth looking like a fu manchu mustache. Ten minutes later the bass was still cruising around the dock with the mustache still attached. That part of the water being so clear is nice but, in general, I prefer it a bit murky. My theory is that when the water is ultra clear the fish can see too well and avoid my lures. The way around that is to fish with ultra light mono line and naturally colored plastic worms. I can do that but it’s not my preferred method.

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