She’s Baaack

She’s back and already signed up for the next quilting cruise. I think it’s about this same time next year but out of Ft. Lauderdale instead of Canaveral. I have no idea where the cruise goes but it probably makes no difference at all. They could pull the boat away from the dock and then just let it drift. Most interesting was when she was sitting next to a fellow quilter and got to chatting about where they were from etc and she learned that the person was from the Pensacola area and was active in the local Baptist Church which, it turned out, was the same church our nephew Glenn attends. She knows Glenn very well so it was a “small world” moment. She also met some gals from Chicago who she vows to visit if and when we ever visit Chicago to see Tommy. Alas, my circle of friends stayed the same although I did spot a mallard on the lake I hadn’t seen before.

I think I may have mentioned some time back that my high tech weather station was under the weather; ie not working. It’s a very complicated setup procedure and I finally just gave up and called the factory for assistance. After a half hour of elevator music they prompted that I should just leave my number and they’d call back. Three weeks later, they did indeed call back. She walked me through a factory reset which is really a complicated procedure involving placement of the instruments and critical timing. It still didn’t work but then she asked me what the expiration date was on the batteries. I said they were brand new, just out of the package. She still wanted the expiration date which turned out to be March 2011. That’s your problem she announced. I’ve never heard of an expiration date on unused batteries but one of these days I’ll get some new C cell’s and try again. She was also kind enough to email me the factory reset procedure so I’ll be able to handle it on my own.

There’s a new neighbor just a few hundred yards up Purdom Cemetery Road. He bought a 5 acre chunk a few years back and has been clearing the property and building a small house ever since. They gradually moved in as the house construction allowed. He had told me that one thing he wanted to do was get a pasture going, even before building the house, so he could keep a few horses. True to his word, the horse are here so now we have cows across the lake and horses just up the road. I love the scenery and sounds.

Sudoku triumph. I have a free downloaded Sudoku program on the computer and it presents puzzles each day that range from incredibly simple to totally impossible – 13 different levels. I usually start with “easy”, which is 4 levels up from the bottom and work up 5 levels to “annoying”. When you complete a game the program tells you how you did relative to other users and how you did with respect to your own personal history. Today I broke the 4 minute “easy” level at 3.56. That was better than 90% of the other folks and a personal record. I liken it to the 4 minute mile in track that I’m not likely to break.

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