Garden Pic’s

About the only thing I can say with respect to the Super Bowl is “Tebow, Tebow”. In case you forgot, Percy Harvin was Tebow’s Gator team mate.

Nancy and I collaborated on making a pot of turkey soup. I think I mentioned that we had turkey with our house guests the other week. Well the carcass was stashed in the freezer for future use in turkey soup. The way we collaborate is that she basically makes the turkey soup and leaves the kitchen. Then I make the noodles, in this case a combo of spinach and swiss chard noodles and I also took the liberty of adding a couple stalks of Tuscan kale to the basic soup. Perfect.

So far February is looking more like April. We have a forecast for the next 10 days of 80 degree days, 60 degree nights and a 10% chance of rain. That works for me and just might get the bass stirring. I can see actually putting tomato plants into the garden in a couple of weeks.

This posting is going to be short on words and long on pictures. That’s 5 lbs of cherry tomatoes and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filled that bowl this season. The trifecta is a set of broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower in a single row, all ready for picking. Two shots of the lettuce to try to give you an idea of how much black seeded Simpson we’re dealing with. If you look carefully, there’s also some Romaine mixed in. I think the large broccoli, Packman variety, at 12” across, must be the biggest I’ve ever grown.

The big three
The big three
5 pounds of Cherry Tomat
5 pounds of Cherry Tomat
XL Broccoli
XL Broccoli
lettucelettuce and peas

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