Winter’s not so bad

Put away the lined jeans and break out the shorts. Looks like we have another weeklong stretch of 80 degree days and 60 degree nights. Well I guess somebody has to have nice weather.

I’m building up a backlog of plants that should be in the garden by now. I stagger plant seeds indoors to coincide with when space is supposed to come available for seasonal reasons. By now, we should have had at least one minor frost attack but (no complaints) we’re still in the 80’s and the tomato plants are still growing and producing; Ditto a couple of green peppers. That’s taking up two full rows that otherwise would be loaded with winter greens and such. So I have loads of plants scheduled for December planting sitting in the wings waiting for their spot to open. No way am I going to pull out a producing tomato plant in favor of a cabbage or a cauliflower. And I’m not going to make the garden any bigger as suggested by my neighbor. If it was any bigger, I would have just planted more tomatoes to start with and not left space open just in case. I can’t mentally deal with an unused space in the garden. So I just have to keep letting the new seedlings grow, keep watering them, and use them as replacements for the cabbages that we pick to eat.

I think I’ve mentioned how spectacular the cherry tomatoes are. I pick every day, my neighbor picks every day and there are still literally thousands of green tomatoes on the vines and thousands of new blossoms. The bush itself tops 6’ high and across. I had this same production in the spring so unquestionably, this is the best Florida variety ever. Can you believe I got the seed from a grower in Maine?

Another big downside to blowing the leaves off the driveway is that now it gets plenty of sunlight which promotes weed growth. It’s grown so fast that I had to break out the roundup and spray a full two gallons. I use a commercial generic concentrate so it’s not nearly as expensive as the brand stuff but it’s still an hour of my precious time when I could be doing something productive, such as reading the paper or fishing. While I was spraying the Roundup, my bridge suggested that when the container was empty, I should refill it with a mildew killer, Wet and Forget, and do all the screens on the porch and the window awnings. So all in all, a full morning was killed just because the leaves and pine needles no longer cover the driveway.

Plumbing problems Just in time for the holiday season and New Year,. Of the urological variety. I should be getting used to it but every few years I go through a gauntlet of tests and procedures designed to screw up your day. Nuff said.

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