Ahead of my time

That super cold storm that has been blasting the mid west and east coast finally got here. Drats. It was a frigid 43 degrees when I got up this morning. One thing is clear, I couldn’t handle living in a cold clime again. The forecast is for two more days with lows in the 40’s and highs only getting to 72 before we get back to temps designed for people. Still no frost or freeze words coming from the weather guy so the tomatoes should be ok for at least another week. Breaking out the lined jeans and flannel shirts. Cheer up folks, winter hasn’t started yet.

I hate to bore you with seed talk but ……… back to the late germinating Chard. I checked the seed pack and noticed that it’s dated 2011. I bet the older a seed gets, at least chard seed, the longer it takes to germinate. Maybe the seed shell gets harder or something.

I also want to expand on my mention of Joey helping clean up around here yesterday. Turns out that may not have been such a good thing. Our gravel driveway and turning circle collect loads of leaves and pine needles, more or less on a constant basis. Every now and again, three or four times a year, I rake them to spread over the parking area, clothes line area, and whatever paths in the jungle need replenishment. That works for me. My rake job isn’t perfect but I kind of like that light leaf covering rustic look. Nature blending in. Joey came up and brought a new, bright shiny gas powered leaf blower and blew the driveway and circle clean in about 20 minutes. It would have taken me several hours/days to rake it and it would not be clean, clean. Now my bride keeps looking out the windows, commenting on how nice the gravel looks. We have an electric leaf blower but it’s kind of a pain dragging the 150’ extension cord and it just doesn’t do the job as well as the gas guy. I could just go buy a gas leaf blower but my experience with any gas machine is that it eventually becomes a problem requiring more work to start it than to actually do the job. I think the solution is for Nancy to lure them back up with promises of pretzel salad to go. I’m also thinking about installing window shades so she can’t keep looking out.

How’s this sound? Collard pesto pasta. One thing we have a long position in is collard greens and I really don’t eat them. I grow them for the neighbors and for trading material, but not to eat. I happened on this recipe and figured if there’s anything good you can do to collards to make them palatable, it would be pasta. I’ll let you know if it’s real or just a wishful thinking.

So let’s see, we’re not supposed to take vitamin supplements now or wash our hands with anti bacterial soap. Once again I’m ahead of the trends and had stopped both about 5 years ago. That sets me up for the news 5 years from now, that body parts will start falling off because I don’t take vitamins or use anti bacterial soap. Last night they announced that what used to be called high blood pressure is now OK. Wonder if they’ll recalibrate all the blood pressure machines at the grocery and drug stores? Wine and coffee were bad for you at one time but are now beneficial. I was ahead of the trend on that one too.

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