Pretzel Salad

How comes the climatologists waited until Dec 2013 to announce that the coldest day ever recorded on the planet occurred in august 2010? In case you missed the news, it was minus 135 degrees F at the South Pole. This news release slipped past the global warmists until the Edward Snowden of the weather service leaked it.

Here’s another garden factoid to tuck away. Swiss Chard seeds are hard little nugget seeds that can take quite a while to germinate. With most seeds I plant, all of a particular variety germinate within a few days of each other; often within hours, but with Swiss Chard, that’s not the case. I plant multiple seeds in individual styrofoam containers, the wide kind you get when you order a scoop of ice cream. Then after they’ve germinated and put on a couple of true leaves, I gingerly ease them out of the container and into larger quarters, one plant per container. When I’ve removed all the plants from the starting container, there’s usually 90% of the starting soil left in the container which I repopulate later with new, different seeds. I’ve found on several occasions that a chard seed that didn’t germinate the first go around and remained buried in the soil, pops out a month later, maybe along with some broccoli seed or lettuce seed or whatever new seeds I’ve placed in the old container. So I end up with chard plants with widely varying maturity even though the seeds were planted at the same time.

Guess the name of the dessert Nancy made. The red one. At Thanksgiving one of Tom and Tina’s guests brought a dessert that really turned me on so she got the recipe. It’s called pretzel salad. Really. Just Google “pretzel salad” to get the recipe. I’d like to think she made it just for me but fact is, Joey and Mark are coming up for dinner and to “deliver” my Christmas present aka fixing the sprinkler system and cleaning the exterior of the house. I can really do the exterior work myself but they do in one afternoon what it would take me 3 days to accomplish and it saves me from having to climb up a ladder to reach the high spots. I’m too old to be working comfortably 15’ up a ladder. It’s also Mark’s birthday and he’s getting the first ever Pretzel Salad Birthday cake.

Pretzel Salad
Pretzel Salad

Obviously the other pic is the first cherry tomato pizza of the fall season. 
Tasted as good as it looks.
Cherry Tomato Pizza
Cherry Tomato Pizza

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