Garden Picking up the Pace

Big decision point coming up. The Toyota just turned over 200K miles. It needs tires and is due for a timing belt change. So probably looking at a $600-$700 investment. Should I sink more money in it or just unload it? We certainly don’t need 3 vehicles but my bride is of the opinion that if we drop down to only two, the truck is the one on the chopping block. She doesn’t get that the truck is the only way to move the poke boat so it’s the essential vehicle in the fleet. My plan is to take the Toyota to my trusty mechanic and have him do a detailed assessment of the vehicle and the likelihood it can reach 250K. The inducement to getting to the quarter meg mark is that in the time it will take to put on another 50K, it turns 20 years old and qualifies for antique tags in Florida. So my boat, car, truck,bride and person are all officially antiques.

Couple of garden milestones this week; picked first broccoli, first head of cabbage, probably the last green pepper of the season, and the first radish. We’re also picking a steady stream of cherry tomatoes now, a handful every day with no end in sight. We have so many that I’m making the first cherry tomato pizza of the season.

First of the season
First of the season

We made our quarterly Costco run this week. Sure glad I own stock in that place. After my first visit years ago in Salt Lake City and seeing the maximally loaded shopping carts going out and the full parking lot time after time, I decided the stock had to be a good buy. It takes some of the sting out of running up a $700 tab. Aside from the fact that I just don’t like to go shopping, especially in crowds, it’s a 50 mile trek each way and kills almost a full day from start to unloading, repackaging. In addition to the freezer in the refrigerator, we have two external freezers. After the Costco shopping event, there isn’t a cubic inch of unused freezer space.

Finally getting some bass after a long dry spell. No feeding frenzies but at least some action. It has a long way to go before I’d call it decent fishing.

Two reports from Colorado yesterday – one that said Coloradans are the healthiest people with the lowest body mass and the most time spent exercising; the other about another school shooting. Maybe they need to be putting more pasta, mac and cheese, and pizza on the school lunch menu. Sounds like a severe case of carb and sugar deficit.

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