Where’s Nancy?

Good news and bad in the garden. The good news is that the parsnip seeds have finally germinated. I planted those a couple of weeks back and basically had given up on them. We’ve had two days of on and off rain which must have triggered something because there was two nice rows of plants where I had put in the seed. The bad news is that something dug up one of the mudfish I had buried in the garden. I wouldn’t normally be concerned about that but in the process of getting at the fish they uprooted 6-8 celery plants.

Here’s a pic of those tomato plants mentioned in the previous post. I got Nancy to pose to give some perspective. I’m convinced these are the largest, strongest tomato plants I’ve ever grown. The other pic shows pre-garden cole slaw plants. The larger set is Chinese cabbage, the other is Jersey Wakefield. I’ll plant those in the garden next week. These are January table toppings.

Where's Nancy
Where’s Nancy

January cole slaw
January cole slaw

We had an unusually wet couple of days for November and I’m declaring the lake officially full. The definition of full is that while swimming you can access your drink on the dock. November is the driest month of the year but we picked up 2” this week with prospects for more before month’s end. Maybe because of the higher water level, the spec fishing continues to improve. I went out for an hour and a half today and caught 20 fish, about twice the number last week in about the same amount of fishing time. I kept 4 large enough to eat but they are still running small.

At one point during the rain, I went down to the dock to make sure my new egret was doing ok and just to get out of the house. While sitting down there I saw something unusual, a flock of anhingas landed a couple of hundred feet from me. I counted 25 birds. Anhingas are similar to cormorants and it’s not at all unusual to see them around the lake but normally as singles or perhaps in pairs. This is the first time I’ve ever seen so many in one place and clearly behaving as a group.

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