Vanderbilt – Seriously?

The fill and cover project is officially over. I used the last shovelful of fill dirt down by the dock, leveling off an area that wasn’t too bad but just wasn’t right. I could have closed it out a couple days ago but decided to do just a little more work around the picnic table to make it more hospitable. George is planning a major fish fry event next month and those always flow over on our dock so this year it will be the best they’ve ever seen. Also better for whatever graduation parties take place here this spring. I wasn’t sure whether I’d run out of dirt, chips, or energy first.

Did some more winter planting in the garden, taking advantage of the cooler weather. The new stuff includes beets, radishes, Swiss chard and parsnips. Parsnips? Nancy has been popping up with new recipes that use parsnips and, it turns out, they’re fairly expensive. For example, on Thursday she roasted a chicken set on a bed of chunked carrots and parsnips; on Saturday she served a fantastic short rib recipe with pureed parsnips as a side. I’d never eaten or grown them before so this is an experimental crop. The first surprise was the seeds. Since parsnips resemble carrots, I expected the seeds to resemble carrot seeds. Carrot seeds are really micro which makes them hard to deal with and insures that there will be extensive thinning after germination – a back breaker. Parsnip seeds look like oat meal flakes so they’re quite easy to plant and maintain the right separation. With the Swiss chard, I’m putting in a few plants that I started indoors a few weeks ago and also some seed directly in the soil. If it works out, that means a continuous, longer season.

For the first time ever, I’m afraid I’m going to be pulling for FSU to beat Florida. First off, the Gators are a bad team and need to get this season over and done with and all game films burned. Second, a Florida team , FSU, has a chance for the national championship if it can win out the rest of the season. So as it stands right now, the national champ will be either FSU or Alabama, an SEC team. If Florida can’t do it, then either of these results is acceptable. And finally, losses to FSU, Miami, and Georgia, not to mention Vanderbilt, should be it for Muschamp. There’s a better than likely chance that Florida will have it’s first losing season in decades since the two teams remaining on the schedule, FSU and South Carolina, are clearly better teams. Bye Will. And besides, with Olivia heading for UCF, I have another Florida team on my radar.
I have to comment on Obama care – Any technical person knows that there will be glitches in new software programs; the more code involved, the more glitches and there are literally hundreds of millions lines of code involved; the more independently developed modules to be integrated, the more glitches. So it should come as no surprise that there would be bugs in the program and I would bet that the walls of the developer’s cubicles are totally covered with emails to managers alerting them to problems with the code and requests for schedule delays. So no surprises to anyone working the program. You can be absolutely certain that the decision to release (or unleash) the code on the public with inadequate testing was not made by any technical person in the loop. Purely a nontechnical, customer driven management decision; in this case a political decision.

Aside from the technical issues which will eventually be beaten to submission, the core of this program is fundamentally flawed. It depends on young people with little need for insurance to sign up. Instead of dating and bar hopping, buy health insurance when you know you feel great. And let those same young people hang on their parent’s insurance for 5 more years. Surprise, surprise – who are the first people to sign up. Older, sicker people. Young, healthy folks will quickly figure out that it’s cheaper to pay a fine than sign up for insurance. The demographics are exactly what any modestly intelligent forecaster would have predicted but to hear from the administration, this is unexpected. Either they are very stupid or flat ass lying and I don’t think they’re stupid at all.

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