Back to the grind

It’s been nothing but busy since getting home. On Sunday we had a great day courtesy of Tom and family. They got Nancy and I tickets to the musical Book of Mormon for Nancy’s birthday. We met up with them after the show for an exhibit of hand crafted Florida birds at the Rollins College Art Museum and then din din at a new place (to us), Jimmy Hula’s. The show wasn’t my favorite, a little over the top, I thought, with offensive language. Parts of it were humorous but other parts were a bit too mocking of another religion. Now the birds were magnificently crafted from paper so, although we expected more of them, they were worth seeing for sure. Jimmy Hula’s is very casual dining with fish taco’s being the trademark meal. Great draft beers and really good food. It could easily be a destination place for us – especially considering it’s proximity to Costco.

The garden did suffer while we were gone and it’s taken a couple of days to get it back in shape. It’s really amazing how quickly weeds happen. I started planting seeds again and got in a row of snow peas, spinach, scallions, and two varieties of carrots including red carrots. The good news is that since planting the seeds the weather has been perfect, mostly overcast with light showers on and off, and temps between the mid 60’s and low 80’s exactly what I like to germinate new seeds. I picked several pounds of green beans. The other big job was staking tomato plants. They were fairly small when we took off but within a week had put on numerous branches and added at least a foot of height. My neighbor watered while we were gone but he uses a sprinkler which loads the foliage with water and causes the branches to droop, sag, and take on weird shapes. It’s hard to get them growing straight again without breaking off shoots.

I picked up where I left off filling with dirt and covering with wood chips. I finished off the path along the lake towards the north and the two view areas accessible from the living room. All of that finished off the last of the dirt pile and used one pile of wood chips. My neighbor’s usage is more ambitious so he’s taking one of my three piles off my hands leaving me with enough to last a couple of years. I know that all the areas I filled and covered will sag a bit over time so eventually it’ll get used.

More good news – Olivia was accepted to USF (South Florida) a couple of weeks ago and by UCF, the preferred target school, today. I never had any doubts at all that she would be accepted but now that it’s bagged, she feels much better. Already picking a dorm and all that goes with that.

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