A great week at the beach

Can you overdose on vitamin D? What happens to your camera when you have it in your pocket and then fill the pocket with sand fleas? I hit the beach early on Thursday to fish the outgoing tide. It was high about 5AM so I was halfway to low tide when my bait hit the water. I caught a few small whiting and one keeper in the first hour then it slacked off to zero. The camera still works although it sounds kind of funny when the lens pops out. The whiting is now fillets in the freezer.

Whiting ready to clean
Whiting ready to clean

The upstairs neighbors invited us up for a fish dinner last night. They’re from Wilmington NC and I had contributed several fish to their larder over the week but hadn’t expected to be eating it. This is the first time we’ve ever had another fisherman here at the same time so that’s been nice.

Lunch today at a favorite spot. We hit this beach shack once each trip and say the same thing every time – best burgers in the galaxy. We split a burger and an order of onion rings and have to stretch to finish it. Add an Octoberfest brew and it’s as close to culinary perfection as it gets. It’s right on the beach, truly a shack, but an incredible menu and quality of food. First timers would drive right by, thinking no way they would ever stop at a place that looked this bad. We did until we kept wondering why there were so many cars there at lunch and dinner. We walked in and the first thing that strikes you is that it really is marginal in terms of the structure. But you also notice right away that the selection of drafts at the bar is excellent. Then when you get the menu you think these are wildly high burger prices – lots of other things too- but the burger prices jump out at you. The first time we each ordered one – big mistake. These are thick, juicy 3/4 lb burgers cooked exactly right as are the onion rings. We watch other people ordering other things and everything they put out looks incredible. Fantastic service and it’s the kind of place where people just talk to each other as if they’ve known them for years.

All in all, this week has been the best fishing, worst catching week I’ve had at the beach. I closed it out with an evening mixed catch of small sharks and small catfish.

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