Fishing Good, catching not so much

Monday – I would be updating if I were catching any fish. The weather is great – a tad windy- but certainly fishable. The water is clean – a tad choppy- but certainly fishable. Lots of sand fleas and frozen shiners so bait is not a problem. No fish. I did manage to snag one small pompano which I promptly converted into fillets. I’m so desperate that I actually took a picture of it.

Half cleaned pompano
Half cleaned pompano

Wed – finally some fish. They started biting late yesterday. Not a big bite but compared to the rest of the week, a welcome relief. I got another pompano and a few whiting. It came late in the afternoon, high tide, and with a rain threatening sky. Personally, I enjoy just fishing in the surf so much that actually catching something is a bonus. The folks staying upstairs wanted the fish for an end of week fish fry so I made the contribution. For the next two days I’m expecting good things with the high tides happening closer to sundown. That’s my favorite combination.

Nancy is enjoying the trip as well. She was set up to play bridge Tuesday and Thursday in Palm Coast. The game there is an afternoon game so it fits well – I hit the beach early then we take a break late morning for breakfast. I come back to the beach while she heads off to the game and returns late afternoon. We hit happy hour at the pier or whatever hits the spot and home before dark. On Tuesday she was asked to play in a Swiss Doubles game (not sure exactly what that is) Wednesday so she’s an extra happy camper. Tonight is fish and chips night at the Golden Lion so the pier will have to wait a day.

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