Off to the Beach

Wood chip update – I’m 3/4 through one load and it looks like I’ll have all the places I’d intended to cover done with that one load; and just loafing along, I should have it done before Thanksgiving. I could have it finished in one day but I’m waiting for a bottom layer of cut palmetto fronds to get fully dry before covering with wood chips. If I don’t do that, the area will sag later and require more fill and since there are no planned social events at the lake, why rush it. This morning I heard some banging up by the road and when I checked there was another new pile of chips; so I now have two full loads and 1/4 of the first load available. We told them they could dump as much as they wanted but perhaps that was a mistake. I had in mind one big load or perhaps two.

This time of the year my work hours change. In mid summer I’m out doing the garden or the jungle by 8 AM and quit by 11AM; now I’m 9 till noon; by Dec that will be 10 till 2. No change in wardrobe because I wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt even at the peak of the summer but now it feels comfortable. If I dress down in the summer to shorts and no sleeve T’s, the jungle bugs and sharp brush tear me up. In mid winter I switch to lined jeans and add an outer vest.

This week is beach week. I’m blasting out this post and then will start packing the car. If everything is on schedule by 2 PM my bait will be in the surf. It’s less than an hour from the house but the beach is a totally different environment. We’ve rented the same place, twice a year, for the past 5 years and it fits our needs and likes perfectly. I’ve been loading up with large shiners for bluefish bait so I’m ready. It’s looking like the weather will be nearly perfect, low 80’s and sunny during the day, low 60’s at night. Nancy is set up for two or three rounds of bridge at the Palm Coast club and will have enough quilting backlogged to relax at that. We have several favorite restaurants and no firm schedules – depends on the tides and what’s biting in the surf. Get ready for some nice fish pics.

So now that the Obuma administration has turned off all our Middle East allies, it’s going to work to do the same in Europe. Off to a great start, I’d say.

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