Olivia’s Senior Night

I was down working on the dock and heard some clanging and banging up towards the top of the property. By the time I got up there to see what was going on, the tree trimmers had dumped another load of wood chips. I now have enough for two lifetimes. The picture shows just the new pile so double that to get an idea of the total. To add some perspective, the pile is 22’ long x 10’ wide by 4’ high – about 30 cubic yards. The pile at George’s is now three loads so between us we have over 150 yards of chipped trees and brush. It will decompose over time but I’ll be able to redo the paths annually for the next 10 years at least.

More chips
More chips

I mentioned that I’ve been using the chips to clean up some of the jungle area, particularly areas along the path that look snaky. I never really see any snakes there but visitors walking by just know they could be attacked at any time. Today I saw three snakes – that’s three more than I’ve seen in the past six months. They were the harmless varieties, two black snakes and a corn snake, which is good news since they mostly feed on rodents. I have to guess that all the changes I’m making are putting them on the move.

We had a big night on Friday. It was senior night at Lake Mary High – that’s senior as in high school senior, not a senior citizen event. It’s a big night with a football game and a ceremony that recognizes individual seniors associated with the football program. Olivia is a 4 year cheerleader so was among those recognized. Each of the honorees is escorted across the field by their parents so we got to see Tom, Tina and Simon walk with Olivia. Then the game and a chance to watch Olivia do her cheering. It must have worked because they did win the game. One thing I found interesting is that the lake Mary High cheerleaders outnumbered the football players – that would be the football players on both teams combined.

I’ve been lots of speculation and opinions about who ultimate won and lost in the budget and debt limit wrangling and gov’t shut down. I haven’t heard anyone hit it right. The big, big winner is Christy. He’s a shoe in for Pres in 2016. He’s basically non-partisan and has forever worked in politcally divided gov’t and gotten good results.

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