The Big Crash

We had a bit of a scare the other day when Tom called and said that Simon had crashed his bicycle and was in the emergency room at Shands in Gainesville. Simon has a job at a sub shop delivering sandwiches. It wasn’t clear exactly what had happened since he suffered a concussion and had no memory of the event. Luckily he was wearing a helmet so it could have been much worse. His face was scraped up and cut a bit but nothing that will be long lasting. As it is, he’s back home recuperating and will hopefully be back in Gainesville soon. While Tom was telling me what had happened my head moved back 15 years to another crash incident with Simon. I had taken him and Tommy on a camping trip and while I was setting up the camper, they broke out their brand new scooters and went up a short distance to the campground manager to pay for our spot. I kept my eye on them to make sure all was well and saw that on the downhill trip back to the camper, Simon was passing Tommy and picking up speed. In just a few seconds he was really moving fast and I knew he was out of control and would never be able to stop or make the turn he was heading for. Sure enough he crashed and slid, face down, along the asphalt road until he hit a concrete curb. He was a mess. We were about 15 minutes from an emergency room – that would be 15 high speed minutes. I knew he hadn’t broken anything, was completely coherent and talking to us about the ride but his face was a mess with lots of blood. They cleaned and stitched him up while I called Tom to break the news and get insurance info. He wanted to stay and continue our planned one week camping trip but I knew he’d be a sore pup when the pain meds they gave him wore off and headed back home, a 3 hour trip. We stopped for a shake at our favorite shake shop where he was applauded by a motor cycle gang then on to return him to Tina. She and half the neighborhood ladies were waiting on the doorstep when we arrived. I assured her all was well and made a quick exit. Tina posted some pictures on facebook that show his face after that accident alongside pictures of the current event. The big scrapes were on opposite sides of his face so nature balanced it out.

Finished moving the wood chips down onto the path to the lake and it really looks good. Like our own private park. About 5 years ago Tom bought me a garden wheelbarrow, large capacity with bicycle kind of tires, which is great for moving light mulch. From the chip pile to the path down by the lake is approximately 1000’ so each load I move represents nearly 0.4 miles, half with an empty wheel barrow and half with a full one. It took 13 loads to finish the job – you do the math. It’ll probably take about the same to do the other area I filled but I’m going to take off a day or two in between. With all that, I didn’t put much of a dent in the chip pile. The last time the power company did this much brush cleaning, we got a pile about half the size of this one and it lasted us several years. If we bought and had this much delivered, it would have cost as much as $500 so all in all, this has been a great week. I talked to the job supervisor and he’s going to drop another two loads on our property which will save me about 500’ per round trip. Turns out dumping here where they’re doing the trimming, is beneficial to them since otherwise they have to drive the load all the way to Deland, 15 miles. He said anytime we wanted more just to call. They’ll be working in the vicinity for the next several months. I’ve got plenty of areas where I can use the chips and with this infinite supply, I don’t have to dole them out sparingly. Also I can work at a slower pace.

Wood chip carpeting
Wood chip carpeting

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