Saw Palmetto Berries

Now that all the hard labor is done, I switched to a job some may consider recreation. We’re going to the beach at the end of the month and I need to be sure that I have enough frozen shiners to use for Bluefish bait. It took about 20 minutes to bag half a dozen really large shiners. I already have a couple frozen earlier so that should do it. I’m soaking them in brine for 12 hours and then popping them in the freezer. The brine soak step is intended to toughen them up a bit since I noticed last time I used them that the surf beat the cut pieces up to the point where they didn’t hold up as well as mullet on the hook.

A couple of the dead bay trees that were too far in the jungle to get to have started coming down on their own. We had a storm with a bit of wind yesterday and it knocked the tops off the trees and onto the pathway. I keep the chain saw at the ready and the path was cleared in about a half hour. You might be surprised to learn that it’s a rare week that goes by without me breaking it out. It’s only a small, 14” electric saw but it does a good job at limbing out trees where the branch diameter is under 6”.

I’m pretty sure, or at least can speculate, that the deer in the neighborhood don’t have prostate problems. When I mention that I’m clipping palmettos, those are actually Saw Palmettos. They’re called Saw palmetto because the stem has a very sharp, serrated edge and they cut like a saw blade. In the fall they put out a stalk of seeds/berries which start out green and turn black as they mature – the same size as kalamata olives. If you check the non-prescription area in your pharmacy you’ll find Saw Palmetto as a medication for enlarged prostate. What I didn’t realize is that the deer feed heavily on the berries. When I did the recent major clearing, I opened quite a few palmetto to grazing so that’s why all of a sudden we’re seeing signs of deer and why I make such an assumption about their health. If you look closely at the pic, you’ll spot the berries. In past years we’ve had guys come by and ask for permission to pick them. Last year they – the pickers – were getting $.85 per pound. This year the deer are picking us clean.

Saw Palmetto berries
Saw Palmetto berries

We lost power this morning for a couple of hours. Turns out the power company is doing a large scale tree trimming in the area and somebody dropped a branch on the power line down the road. That caused a major disruption for Nancy because today’s her quilt group meeting and with no power, no hair dryer. It ended well because they restored power with time to spare and with a silver lining. As the tree trimmers create piles of brush,the last truck is a chipper truck and converts it all into mulch. We asked them if they would mind just piling all the chipped brush off onto George’s property. It yielded 3 truckloads, probably 15 yards per load. The pic shows the first load so multiply that by three. I’ll be able to completely cover all the newly filled areas with this tree mulch and thereby eliminate the problem I now have with dirt on my shoes. Nancy will be such a happy camper. I have to break out the wheel barrow again and spend a few days hauling and spreading. The mulch is lighter than the dirt so loading it will be easier but the pile is about 1000’ from the spread point so much more walking involved. Ironic, isn’t it, that a few days back I’m thinking that it’s the end of my chip days and now I have a multi-year backlog. At this point I’m wondering what gives out first, the wheelbarrow or me.
Pile of wood chips
Pile of wood chips

The reason Obama is getting nowhere with Congress is that he lost all credibility in terms of negotiating when he was rolled by Putin and Assad.

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