Looking toward the house
Looking toward the house
Toward the lake
Toward the lake

Finished filling the view area and ended up with about a yard of fill dirt left over. I wanted that so I’d be able to fill depressions and pot holes as it all settles. For sure I don’t need another load. My neighbor has a small, garden tractor with a blade attachment for moving dirt. It’s a really old Murray, not even sure they still make them, from the 80’s but it got the job done. I was making great progress with the wheelbarrow approach but the beauty of the tractor is that it packs the soil down while moving it and automatically levels the whole area. Look back to the last post and you can see the difference.

I attended a memorial service for Judy yesterday and was asked to give a eulogy at the First Baptist Church in Lake Wales. Based on comments afterwards, I think it went over well. I had told a few of my friends that if the hair on their arms raised up while I was at the podium, there was probably a lightning bolt headed my way. The pastor was on the front row and I kept glancing down to see if he was ok with what I was saying. I figured he’d give me a knife throat slash signal if I got on thin ice but he seemed absorbed and laughed a couple of times. I’m guessing he picked up on the fact that I don’t spend a lot of time in Church.

Nancy comes home tomorrow and I’m ready. Everything is in good shape here so no rush to get things righted as there was the first couple of times she made the Utah trek. I’ve done this so often now that I have it down to an absolute science. The place barely looks lived in and all my big project yard jobs are done. The fact that Nancy had frozen dinners for me during the past month really made a difference – microwave and paper plates all the way so no kitchen mess. All I use is a cereal bowl, coffee cup, and wine goblet and one set of utensils. I use them, wash them off and set them on the counter over a sheet of paper towel, ready for the next meal. I’m usually out working in the garden and/or jungle before 9AM and back in, dirty and sweaty by noon. I head directly for the washer, strip down, pop in a soap pellet, hit start, head for the shower and then change into my casual afternoon shorts and T shirt. Move the clothes from the washer to the dryer – I have the clothesline area loaded with my fill gear right now – grab the paper and head down to the dock. The next morning I stop by the dryer and switch from my sleeping clothes to the work clothes and start all over. I guess some folks would think this is boring – same clothes every day – but it’s perfection to me.

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