Bachelor Again

Really made great progress on the dirt project today. I finished down to the dock and then the few low spots along the lakefront to the picnic table. The pile is down to slightly more than half which could be enough to finish the total job – if not finish, get very close. I hope to be finished by the end of the month. The good news is that with all that dirt shoveling and moving, I’m not hurting at all. In past jobs, I was hurting – back, legs, neck, and arms – and I think I know why. This is the first time I’ve done the whole job myself with no help and that’s allowed me to set a comfortable pace and to mix the job. With two people, one guy is stationed at the dirt pile and fills wheelbarrows, two or three usually, and the other guy wheels the dirt down to the dump site then turns around and comes back for another full one. So it’s non-stop doing one job or the other. By myself, I fill a load, walk it down and dump it, then rake it in and then walk the wheel barrow back to the pile and start the process again. I think that mixing it up like that is much easier on the body. That plus I control the break times. If I get too tired, I just stop at the dock and feed the fish or cast a line. You can’t really do that if you’re working with a partner.

half gone
half gone

side dock entry

main dock entry
main dock entry

I’m not working against any particular schedule but I wanted to get it done before the holiday season, before we go to the beach for our fall break, and all ready for the coming graduation season. We have no graduation parties scheduled but with as many as four possible, the lake could certainly be a candidate for the party(s).

One thing interesting, after completing the path, any animal that walks it leaves tracks. Today there were bear, deer, and raccoon tracks. The raccoon was no surprise but the bear and deer were. I knew a bear was lurking about since it nailed my trash can last week but have never actually seen a deer that I remember. Based on the number of deer track on the path, there were either a full herd or one dancing around quite a bit. I have my fingers crossed that they don’t find the garden.

I’m a bachelor again. Nancy left Thursday for her annual trek to Utah and will stay until the following Saturday – 10 days. The freezer is loaded with little plastic containers labeled “dinner for Joe” or “lunch for Joe” so I guess I’m covered in the eating department. There are at least half a dozen containers labeled soup and enough boxes of cereal to last till the end of the year so I’m covered from every direction. On thing I notice right away is just how quiet it is with her gone. The phone never rings, no sewing machine chatter, pots and pans banging, closets opening and closing, dishwasher noises – loading, unloading, or running; the TV is never on during the day, no reminders to take my meds, eat lunch, take the trash out etc etc etc. It’s just eerily quiet.

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