Jack and the Beanstalk

We lost a friend of more than 40 years this past weekend. Judy had a heart transplant about 12 years ago but succumbed to cancer within a week of it being diagnosed. Jerry had spent a few days here last month so this is all quite sudden and unexpected.

I am working the fill project by setting daily objectives rather than holding to a time limit or wheel barrow load count. After three days I’ve got roughly 3/4 of the path down to the dock completed and will finish that part of it tomorrow, weather permitting. Then maybe a day leveling the area down by the dock. I’ve been spending about 3 hours a day but some of that is clearing brush, not just moving dirt. It’s too soon to say but I think I’ll have more than half of the fill dirt left after finishing the path and dock area. I’m hoping that’s enough to do the job on the view area but I’m thinking it will be close. The pictures show the dirt base but that will be covered with pine needles etc to restore the natural look.

Looking toward the lake
Looking toward the lake
entry to the path
entry to the path

I never believed the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Anyone who’s grown pole beans know the vines would never support Jack, let alone the giant. That was before I grew the Smerelda beans. I pulled those down a few days ago and trust me, they would support me and a giant. I put down a layer of new compost and then planted peas in the same space, a heritage variety named Alderman which traces back to 1835. I also put in a 15’ row split between cabbage and broccoli, 12 plants total. I had planned to wait another two weeks to put those in but we have a 4 day stretch of wet, cool weather which is perfect for setting out new plants.

A little nostalgia – the last VW van comes off the assembly line Dec 31. We’ve had one in the family since 1979 so a moment of silence is in order.
Anyone notice that the media has totally dropped Syria from the news. After Obama was so badly punked by Assad and Putin, they put that hot potato down. Is there any doubt that both of these characters have briefed Iran that this is the best time to get sanctions lifted and pay nothing for it? I smell pile on for the next couple of years. Mean time, the press has moved on to Clinton and hope we forget all about the mess in the middle East.

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