Us in Church?

Chris sent Nancy a new cookbook and for the last two nights we’ve had something new (to us). He had been using the book for a while and described various dishes to Nancy who then asked for the recipe. He claims it was easier for him to just get her a book of her own than continue copying and sending. The meals come out looking like a picture from a 5 star eatery – Big Rig on steroids. The dishes included 3 vegetable products that, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never eaten although there’s a good chance they were buried along side or inside something I knew – Parsnips, Arugula, and fennel root. I knew what they were but had never eaten or had any desire to eat them. Now I’m trying to figure if I can find some room in the garden to try growing them. Just to be on the safe side, I ordered some seeds for all of them.

I started the winter veggie seeds today. That may seem early and it could be a few weeks ahead but it’s generally 6 – 8 weeks from when I start the seeds to when the plants make it to the garden so that puts them out to the end of October. Among the seeds started are two varieties of broccoli, cauliflower, Jersey Wakefield cabbage, two varieties of Kale, collards, onions, leeks, and three varieties of lettuce. I’ve never tried leeks before and one variety of Kale is also new to me. It’s called black dinosaur and is an Italian heirloom variety. How can that be bad? I’m holding off on things that need to be directly planted in the ground such as carrots, beets, radishes and spinach until the soil temp drops at least 20 degrees. One more garden note – there are a couple zucchini’s forming on the bushes. That just seems so fast to me. I’m going to track them daily and make sure I pick them before the critters get to them this season. If I can just save half!

About 20 years ago we took a trip to London, doing all the normal touristy stuff. It seemed like every evening we would end up at some old Anglican Church worn out from walking and looking for a place to sit down and relax. Turns out they have a service called Evensong, I guess every day or at least every day in tourist season. It was always peaceful and enjoyable music. Last week Nancy spotted in the paper that the local Episcopal Church was having an Evensong recital and suggested we go. I wasn’t interested in whatever NFL game was opposite the service so, in a weak moment, agreed to go. So we ended up in a church, Sunday night, with no wedding, funeral or Baptism involved. It was certainly warmer than London and the church was smaller and no doubt newer, but it was just as relaxing. The music was excellent with most of the musicians being part of the faculty in the Stetson U Music Dept. The other thing we noted was that the average age there was probably 100.

Super Shave update – almost at the halfway point with 75 shaves and 8 months into it.

Hurricane update – we’ve now passed or tied the latest date ever without a single hurricane. Even the “named” tropical storms have only lasted a few hours before being downgraded back to depressions. I thought the supposed warmer water was going to make this the most active season ever. What that tells us is that the Hurricane Center can’t forecast a season in advance and also, assuming they can accurately measure water temp and that it is actually warmer, that warmer water does not lead to more storm activity. Personally I never thought there was a connection in terms of activity but do suspect a link in intensity once a storm forms. It’s an energy thing.

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